Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 90's - Total Prize Pool: 30 STEEMs!!!

What’s up party people!

We are officially at the end of 2019, June! Amazing how time flies by :O Hope you are all doing well, and playing games, or at least reminiscing or fantasizing about them (like me) hello darkness my old friend XD;

@archdruid wrapped up our 80s contest a couple of weeks ago, and we saw a whooping jump from only SEVEN entries for the 70s to NINETEEN for the 80s!!! AMAZING!!! That’s OVER 9000!!!! over 170% of growth in our participation rate!!! MUCH THANKSNESS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED * ___ * You are all our heroes You Say Run from My Hero Academia plays in the background * ___ *

And so it is time to launch the next round in the theme: Gaming in the 90s !!!


  1. You are to create a post about a game from the 1990s :D
    The 1990s was one of THE defining age for Gaming! Many said that the decade spanning from 1990 to 2000 were the age of INNOVATION for video games! New gaming tech was born, new gaming genres began, new gaming cultures took roots ! New spiders were sent to your homes !!! Whichever way, if you had played a game - ANY GAME - from the 1990s, this is a perfect opportunity to pay homage to a momentous decade in Gaming! C'mooooon you had to, there were so many games, like japan dude... STOP MAN WE HAVE ENOUGH AAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAA
  1. The post does not need to be about a game review or a video of actual gameplay!
    You can do fanart, or fanfic, or commentary piece about a game's soundtrack, or a cosplay of a character from a game that was released in the 1990s, or photography post with your collection of oldie-but-goodie games, ... you get the idea, right? perhaps you can do a fanart of the fanfic about a gamer reviewer that takes photographies about her favorite games while doing a cosplay and listening to a soundtrack! ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS THE POST HAS A RELATION TO A GAME RELEASED SOMEWHERE IN THE 1990s! We are opening up the playfield and we welcome Steemians of various genres to come and join the @archdruid's love for gaming!
  1. Limit of 3 entries per author. Like more than two but don't over do it making four please
  1. If you do submit a post, please resteem this post and drop your link in the comments to be able to follow them properly :) Upvotes are not required but appreciated <3
  1. Please tag your post with #archdruid-contest if you are entering the contest :D
  1. Deadline is midnight SUNDAY 14 JULY 2019
  1. Judging for this round is @veryspider and @elfranz !

But in the future, we will welcome guest judges so if you are interested to help this community out as a judge, let us know :D In return, we will splash you with a short feature in the contest's publication to highlight who you are as a gamer and bringing exposure to you which may invite new follows to your page :D :D :D

What were the NINETIES like for gaming???

Here are a few examples of how gaming was that might inspire you but you can do whatever you want :D

Age of Empires

Build stuff!!! Smash stuff!!! Wait for your turn !!!

Expand you empire with strategy and the fine art of hitting buildings with a sword untill they catch fire!

Baldur’s Gate

A spider’s mind was blown when a spider found out that a spider could decide to kill and be mean to a spider’s party members :D

If you explore for a while you'll find a murder-hobbo on crack that kills like 20 Gnolls by himself!!!


Just… just let me play ONE MORE TURN!!! …. OMG why is it 4 AM??!!!

Time to put on some Blue Jeans and Listen to Pop Music!!!

Command & Conquer

A spider experienced a spider’s first taste at RTS MULTIPLAYER :D Friendships were lost !!!

Chinesse militia spawned x2 totally unfair... but totally hilarious!


The game that ate a spider for a few years. WHOLE.


The Elder Scrolls

A spider played this for looting houses…… There were SO MANY HOUSES ; __ ;

I had to use that gif, Todd made me!


Apparently, not the first MMO but one that we can all blame for the genre, anyway :D !

When I was a little dragon I bought this game without knowing I needed an internet conection... you can laugh now


Making post-apocalypse a cute and nerdy thing :)

Don't go to the Radscorpion cave alone, for real!

Fire Emblem

Collect all the pokemon characters!!! ALL. OF. THEM!

How did we ended with a waifu petting game? Not that I'm complaining!

Gabriel Knight

Graphic adventure’s Prince of inconsistent New Orleans voice acting

Hey! Mark Hamill was in this!

Grand Theft Auto

Grab a car off the street! Paint it new! Now yours to murder with! WHEEEEE~

Yeah a lot of fun at all but remember that because of this we had the helicopter mission!

Half Life

Making bespectacled scientist with spanner a date icon

The legendary spammers of mods!

Monkey Island

Hello! I’m Guybrush Threepwood! Mighty Pirate! :D


Mortal Kombat


I miss the legion of identical ninjas


Pretty puzzle solving~

Ooooh that's what that do!.. The game


Gotta catch them all :D



Like Doom…. But different. But, basically Doom.

The multiplayer made me think my firends didn't liked me

Resident Evil

Who knew a city named so cutely could be so intense! Raccoon City, where Rocket might be from!

This house is dangerous, there are terrible demons, OUCH!

Soul Calibur

A spider played this game just because there was a giant sword with an eye in it :D

Have you seen how she dresses? And people complains about DOA

Sonic the Hedgehog


We will not talk about any adaptation here




Streets of Rage

Campy gaming goodness * ___ *


System Shock

A spider played System Shock 2 for a grand total of 2 hours and countless screaming :D

Antivirus are important guys


Hwoarang is the sole reason why a spider played Tekken . __ .

Remember when your little bro always picked Eddie?


A rare game set in the steampunk genre :>

Be as bad as you like

Tomb Raider

The world fell for Lara’s polygons * ___ *

You could make Lara explode! with a british accent...

Tony Hawk’s

Skating, and turning it into a gaming icon :O

You still remember the soundtrack


Did you all see the movie???? ; __ ;

For Doomhammer!

Wing Commander

Luke Skywalker was in this :D :D :D

pew pew pew

...Gosh, having done this lookbacksies, it must have been an incredible decade for gaming, hey???? :O :O :O


Alright, now that HYPE has been stoked, let's get to the juiciest bits :D

  1. First Prize (x1): 10 STEEMs
  2. Runner Ups (x2): 5 STEEMs for each winner
  3. Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs for each winner

Total Prize Pool: 30 STEEMs

Please thank @curie for the sponsorship for this prize pool! They are the awesome~ Yesh~

We hope you will really consider joining up and sharing our love for gaming because, you see, gaming is more than just a 'silly and childish' hobby for us, it is a brand new frontier that is coming into its own form and respectability, and we hope to meet others who also want to contribute making #gaming a thriving and fun community in Steemit :D

Any questions? Please let us know in the comments below :)

Hope to see a lot of posts and entries!


Good luck! Have fun!

Signing off,
@veryspider & @elfranz


Here is my second entry... a text based Multiplayer game called Utopia.

I'm going have rack my brain for this one and try and recall what games of this era I played.

I am looking forward to an Enjar entry !

Oh, yeah! I'm ready for it! \o/

YAY Hope to see awesome entries from you this round also, wisey !!! :D

Good luck to everyone else that enters. I hope you have some fun!


i must be the protagonist in a weird anime story !!!! :thinking emoji:

Gets some popcorn and waits for the one who shall not be named to see this comment about anime.

Freddo's entries! I look forward to 'em! :D :D :D

In a few days I start to write my entry, this makes me very happy.

Wooot! Im so excited !!!!!

i played the most of em ... but there is one which holded me for thousands of hours :D

:O :O :O I wonder which one :O !!!!!!

Diablo 1-2-3 when 4 will come it will be 4 as well D:

But crazy fact all these others get played as well :D but i left thousands of hours in 90s for Diablo 2 ,

Atm im doin on VIMM every week a Diablo 2 OLD SCHOOL Stream

You re welcome to be part next time in it :)

owowowoh yessssss diablo * __ * !!!

what class are you running???


and streaming is great but i hope you will put an entry in the contest, also, @bembelmaniac!!!

i runned all of em... in 3 im almost running a non typical MONK... because i create this kind of play as a solo player MONK :D

im more into Streaming as into writing about games... hey games are to play not to talk

when you are taking a break from all those gaming, then there's time to also talk about the gaming? XD

awwww, okay if you're not wanting to share talkies about them, keep on streaming!!! <3

Hey Lets do a nicely Stream maybe about Games of 90s... im in .... smile like a Multi user stream like a talk about games while one is playing em.... oooohhhh you send me an idea !!!

Seriously guys, how did X-COM: UFO Defense not make your list?!!? SHAME SHAME SHAME!

im sorry! /o\ a spider missed some legendary titles, im sure! it was A HUGE decade!

im glad your entry rectifies where i was lacking though! :D

Lol, @loreshapergames also got one that I completely forgot about as well...

yay! thank you for entering, dl!!! \o/

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MY entry to the contest my game favorite is tony hawk pro skater.

veryspider final.gif

Skate Jesus.gif

looking forward to this, I absolutely loved baldur's gate and sonic as a kid, played those games all the time with my dad.

YAY JEREMY! ENTER!!! Please, please, please :D :D :D !!!!

I stand no chance, but heavens be damned if I let this pass on! Did the best I could given that my laptop isn't back yet

This is the first time I participate in a Gamer Contest at Steemit; this post is written with so much happiness and personality, all this good vibe is even contagious ✨ 👀 ✨

This is my entry and I hope to get the chance to take some pictures or drawing a fanart ~

English Post / Spanish Post

Good Luck to All, and thank you so much @Archdruid! 💕

This is my entry to the contest. I wanted to post it sooner but life happened :sweat_smile:

I'm finally getting a comment to cross-reference where I posted these, even though I finished them all comfortably before the deadline:

The 90's: Decade of the RPG:

The Joy of Total Annihilation: in hindsight, this name sounds really sketchy

Doom: The First Great Shooter:

Good Evening @archdruid !
(It's @Tesmoforia using Vanuzza's account)

I would like to ask if, pretty please, there was the possibility of extend the time to post a little (just a couple of hours), since my laptop went out of battery and I would like to post my second entry, but there was a general power outage on the city a couple of hours ago, and I don't have any way to turn on my laptop until the electricity comes back on the early morning
; ---- ;

Hello again! Here's my second entry for the contest ; 7 ; I know the deadline was yesterday, and that I wasn't able to post on time due problems with the electricity at my zone, but I still share it hoping you will like it and to be able to figure within the participants 🙏 👾 ✨

🎮 [Retro Game] - ✨ 👽 🔫 Cosplay Closet: Julie, of "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" 🔫 👽 ✨ > > > English / Spanish

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