Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 80's - Total Prize Pool: 30 STEEMs!!! | THE WINNERS!!!

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What’s up, party people :D !

So, the second round of the Gaming Era contests have wrapped up last week and the great and sage judges have deliberated and slept and mashed some buttons and claimed credits for clearing dungeons that they didn’t actually clear yeah, you know, the same feeling you get from watching Twitch and deliberated some more and we finally have our WINNERS !

Hooray :D !!!

Firstly, we want to thank all the participants! Thanks you so much for your part in making #gaming and #archdruid a lively and thriving community in Steemit :) Like most things, every hand counts~

We had a total of NINETEEN entries this time around, which is AMAZEBALLS!!! \o/ You all rock <3 !!!

It makes judging a little bit more difficult but difficult Dark Souls which is amazing, not difficult Flappy Bird that sucked and we will not talk about it ever again , but hey, if it means that there are more awesome gaming contents created on the platform, I think it’s a win for everyone :D :D :D

On that note, without further ado, here are ALL the nineteen entries :) Winners will be announced straight after!

Those that Heed the Call
@bala41288 - My first console gaming expereince - Contra made me crazy

@bengy (3 Entries) - Car Wars: An Archdruid Gaming from the '80s entry | BattleTech: An Archdruid Gaming from the '80s entry | Dungeons of Doom: An Archdruid Gaming from the '80s entry

@dlstudios - Aspect Analysis – Final Fantasy I and How Unintuitive Old School RPG's Could Be.

@freddbrito - A pillar of the videogame: The Legend Of Zelda

@fromage - Ten tips for Atari games you don't have instructions for:

@gabox - Double Dragon 2 - The beginning of a difficult adventure

@hananan - Today's Painting #72 - The Legend of Zelda

@ibsem - The beginning of a Global Icon! - 🍄 Super Mario Bros 🍄 (1985)

@loreshapergames (3 Entries) - Why I Love Rogue (and its Successors) | Tetris: An Introduction to the Gameplay Loop. | BattleTech: The Game That Got Me Started

@lunaticpandora - The Beginning of a Saga! Final Fantasy (1987)

@theironfelix - Octet of skittering in these old halls

@wiseagent (3 Entries) - DONKEY KONG - Memories of a childhood. | TETRIS - When a game makes history in your life. | PAC-MAN: An incredible and timeless game!

@yosuandoni - Contra - a classic of games that set trend in the world

First Prize: 10 STEEMs Runner Ups (x2): 5 STEEMs (each) Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs (each)
Total Prize Pool: 30 Steems
And now, let’s unveil the Winners! :D :D :D

Winners’ Announcement

Honourable Mentions:

@dlstudios Aspect Analysis – Final Fantasy I and How Unintuitive Old School RPG's Could Be

Great article written on how it was once for gamers back then! Lack of tutorials was a thing! Reading this really made me appreciate all the little thoughts that go into making our modern gaming experience a lot more intuitive :) - 2 Steems to @dlstudios!

@freddbrito A pillar of the videogame: The Legend Of Zelda

Very neat article looking at one of the most iconic titles in the gaming world - The Legend of Zelda! Hey! Listen! @freddbrito wrote how this game has affected 'open world' concept and why this game has become one of the great pillars of the industry :D - 2 Steems to @freddbrito!

@hananan Today's Painting #72 - The Legend of Zelda

@hananan is a known artist on Steemit but this would be one of her first time contributing into the #gaming tag at the platform, and she presents a very lovely fanart of Link, the main hero from the Zelda series! Breath of the Wild to be precise! Process is included in the post (as well as the influences of a cat) and we love this piece of gaming fanart from her, so 2 Steems to @hananan!

@ibsem The beginning of a Global Icon! - 🍄 Super Mario Bros 🍄 (1985)

A nice article looking back at the roots of Mario as a global gaming character, and how he had really first appeared in the Donkey Kong (1981) game barrels of fun! as “Jump Man” ! A list of curiosities is included in this post, check it out :D ! 2 Steems to @ibsem!

@yosuandoni Contra - a classic of games that set trend in the world

One of the world’s first co-op games, and what an article from @yosuandoni! Love how he reminisced over the game’s difficulty and game play, IT WAS HAAAAAARD!!! and how he had bonded with his dad over Contra’s co-op feature :D All the gifs make this post well worth the look! 2 Steems to @yosuandoni!

@loreshapergames Tetris: An Introduction to the Gameplay Loop

Always a treat to read @loreshapergames’ gaming contents and this one does not disappoint as he presents an interesting and informative article on the concept of the Gameplay Loop and how Tetris excels in it :) Personally, I am a terrible Tetris player, but I do think @loreshapergames hit the nail on the head he cleared the lines!!! it was right there, what a waste of a good pun! with how addictive this game can be for a skilled gamer! 5 Steems to @loreshapergames!

@wiseagent PAC-MAN: An incredible and timeless game!

A really cool piece on Pac-Man’s history :D Love how @wiseagent structured this article to include the game play, the history, and the cultural impact of the original WAKAWAKA on our pop culture world :D insert Scott Pilgrim vs The World scene here

@bengy BattleTech: An Archdruid Gaming from the '80s entry

The way @bengy absolutely gushed about this game made us all sorts of HYPE ! :D Clearly this game has had such an impact on his life and it is 100% gorgeous how he re-lived it through this post, celebrating the memories of playing BattleTech by sharing with us what it was about, the lore, the game play, and the hours that were wonderfully ‘lost’ when a game truly captured our hearts and minds like BattleTech did with @bengy’s ! Amazingly written, incredible emotional AND informative, we have found our winner for this round !!!! 10 Steems to @bengy ! \o/


And, that concludes our presentation for @archdruid's Gaming Era 80s contest' results!!! Again, thank you, everyone who participated and spectated :) We hope you all had fun~ We certainly did, and we look forward to launching the next contest to celebrate the 90s Radical, man! in gaming!!! The funds will be transferred in the near future by @veryspider, and as usual, if there's any feedback or comments or cakes, feel free to leave your inputs in the comments section below :)



Congrats to the winners! Glad my entry counted or VS was gonna come for me, heh.

you can keep on breathin' for now, lil fromie~

(thank you for entering <3 !!!)

Wow! Thanks for picking my entry for the win! I knew there would be a day when a complete nerd out would finally pay off!

Congrats to everyone who participated and big thanks to the judges for hosting the contest! Looking forward to the '90s!

Well-deserved! Congrats!

Did your mom find those books, btw? :D

Congrats !!! Loved your entries very much !!!

Yes! She did find them... and when I visit Australia in August, I'm going to grab them and bring them back!

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants. It was a pleasure to be part of this contest, I enjoyed doing my publication and I saw many publications that gave me beautiful memories.


Thanks so much for entering and for helping out making #gaming an awesome community at Steemit, @yosuandoni <3333333

Thank you very much, I really liked this contest, I look forward to the 90's.

Thanks, @freddbrito ! We loved your entry !!! Looking forward to seeing you in the 90s, also :D :D :D

Kudos to everyone who participated \o/

Thanks, people!!! You did your part in making #gaming alive and well in Steemit !!!

The 90s is coming soon, and boy, THAT will be another HUGE decade for gaming :D :D :D

Look forward to it !!!

Congrats to all winners!! Sadly I missed this round, but I'm super glad to see the amount of entries, I'll give them a read later when I've got a little time <33


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Hope airi-chan can participate in the next round, for sure <3 <3 <3

Congrats to all winners!, it was a honor participated in this contest and pay tribute to the legend of the 80s, Waiting for the '90s contest! :D

Glad to see a new comer like yourself participating in making #gaming a great tag at Steemit, @ibsem !!!

Hope to see you joining the next round, also :D

Congratulations to all the winners. Amazing content!

will enjar not enter next time also :sob:


Thanks a lot! :D

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Congrats, you ! Love your gaming contents * ___ * Looking forward to seeing more of @wiseagent in the next round :D :D :D

Thanks, @veryspider! It's really good to know that!

Do you know any projects that support movie reviews? I just wrote about Toy Sory 4. Here's the link if you wanna read it:

Nothing in specificity of movie reviews, but I'll check it out and I can curate it through c-squared :)

I usually write a lot of movie reviews, but I don't get much recognition or great rewards for them.

Thanks in advance, @veryspider.

No problems. I've added you to my follows now, so I'll keep an eye out for your movie reviews in the future :)

Happy to support original and quality content generators ! <3

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