Contest: Emotional Game Moments

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With the prize pool at 40 Steem for this one. It sure will get emotional for the winners! Pull up a chair and tell us about your emotional game moments. This contest is open to everyone. We encourage the most hardcore gamers among you to even the causal to join in and have some fun!



Games cause a wide range of emotions on the gamers who play them. From joyful tears of success to a heartbreaking moment that caused tears of sadness. Sometimes plot twists anger us and other times we find them utterly boring. Other times you will take honor and pride in your actions or have no empathy what so ever in your conquest of scorched realms. Games have even been known to cause the player to conquer terrible fears they would not be able to face in a more transitional setting. Tell us about emotional game moments.

This is about gaming in general and it could include: card games, board games, puzzle games, and video games. It could focus on you in general as a gamer or be more targeted towards a game that leads up to that emotion. It could be about friends, guilds, alliances, developers, game mechanics, lore, and so much more about a game that caused emotion. These are just a couple of examples so don’t feel limited to just these when sharing with us. We look forward to reading your entries!

Requirements To Enter


  • Must be a written post. It should not exceed 3k words.

  • Use #archdruidcontest as the first tag. The rest is up to you to choose. Here are a couple example tags you could use: gaming, game, game genre (i.e boardgame, fps, rpg, adventure, survival. . .), story, writing, contest, the emotion expressed in your post (scared, happy, sad, anger and so on. . )

  • Post your entry in the comment section below. It must be a Steemit link. This contest closes in two weeks. A second follow up post will be made next week for newer entries.
  • No repost of old content from on or off steemit.

  • Only one entry per person.

  • No plagiarism and please cite sources if applicable.

Not Required But Welcome

If you wish to help spread this contest so more can join in and have fun. Please consider upvoting and/or resteem the post. Liquid rewards are put towards the next contest. Also, consider showing support for other entries that you find amazing. Thank you.



There are three judges in total to evaluate the entries. This includes two guest judges (@Marvel1206 and @Ejgarcia) that are at least rank Gamer or higher in the Archdruid Gaming community and me (the contest host).

  • We will be judging based on but not limited to the following: quality, effort, it factor, emotion and, uniqueness.



  • First place: 25 Steem
  • Second place: 10 Steem
  • Third place: 5 Steem

Thank you to our sponsor @curie

Prizes will be paid out a couple of days after the contest closes depending on how many entries we have received. An announcement post will be made.

Contest Close


  • All entries must be submitted to the comment section of this post or the follow up one. This contest is open for two weeks. It will close on Monday, September the 3rd at 4 PM Eastern Time (UTC -05:00).


Written by @Enjar on behalf of @Archdruid Gaming. Enjar is ranked Wizard in the community.

The cover image was created by @Yosuandoni. Screenshots were taken from a game called World of Warcraftby @Enjar.

Are you a gamer who produces outstanding gaming content here on Steemit? Come to check out Archdruid Gaming on discord: We are always looking for new and old amazing authors.


Nice! I'm definitely excited for this contest as well! I'll organize my thoughts and then mash them into one heck of a post!

Looking forward to reading it! Have an amazing week.

It is the moment to show the feelings and to write with the heart in the hand.
There are games that were a torture, because the final result was not what I wanted, They kill a personage who was a part of the history and that I liked (I even will not say the game, hope for the publication) xD

Looking forward to reading about it. Thanks again for creating that amazing cover image it really fits in well with the theme! You nailed another one perfect!!!!

Thank you
hahaha don't worry we are companions and we help ourselves like team :D

Extra sheep and beer for you!

OMG! This contest will be truly awesome for those who (like me) feel with passion all the games that we play, and played since we were childrens! I'm in!

I can feel the passion from here! Can’t wait to see the epic post you bring down onto the blockchain! May it cheer in glee.

@enjar, First of all i want to appreciate you for this contest because, everyone holds some emotional experiences when they play games because, in my opinion games travel with us in life and for sure we will going hold emotions.

And next point is, these kind of contests are really important for the Engagement Levels and currently it's really important because many are feeling the demotivation due to the prices, so keep up this awesome work.

Kindly find my piece below for this contest.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Looking forward to tons of great entries... still thinking on something to write myself though...
P.D: You got really creative with those WOW pics.

I try and find something that fits. Sometimes it easy and other times I have to go digging in my screenshot collection to find a game with enough. Shame I never took more screenshots of things I played years ago!

Resteemed! I couldn't quite get around to the last one, but I will be sure to do this one!

Am I right seeing that there are no video entries this week, only written? Okay, that will take me a bit longer, but I can do it!

Cheers enjar, happy for all that you do in this great community!

Am I right seeing that there are no video entries this week, only written?

That is correct. We tried for a couple of them to include another format. Not a single entry qualified as video submission. It just seemed to confuse people. As such that option was dropped.

As of 4mins ago the contest has ended we are not taking any more submissions.

Hoping to find time to write an entry for this one.

I hope you do! We are looking forward to reading it. Have a great weekend :)

Thank you @enjar for telling me about this contest, I really like to write about my gamer anecdotes, here's my entry!

This post is my entry. A bit of a satire, yet always spicy with deeper truth to unfold.


Thank you so much for hosting such a fun contest! This is my entry here:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, are you really gonna make me look into the feels box?
ok, let's go
I can do this... ...without crying too much

You never know might be some great times in that box!

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