Granada, the Most Beautiful City in Spain?

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Granada perhaps represents the Spanish dream. A city for all ages, there are several monuments that have to be seen to be believed. This includes not only the magnificient Moorish Alhambra, but also lesser known monuments such as the Monastery of Cartuja. In addition to the cultural and historic aspects of the city, Granada is also a great city to stroll around. The city center has modern shops in addition to great night life. There are a lot of tapas bars and top class restaurants for you to enjoy. You should definitely visit St. Nicholas which offers an amazing view of the city and I think is one of the most romantic sites in Europe. Enjoy the fine details (Mosaics!!) of this city in this new photo series!

All photos are original and mine

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One of my class fellow belonged to this city.He always spoke about some history related to their home city. Glad to see the pictures of this city.

I've never seen pictures of this city before. I absolutely love the architecture on the walls and columns. Really beautiful.

the amount of time it must have taken to achieve such detailed patterns and architectural magic. impressive.

Definitely impressive. I would love to see the artists who did the patterns in person. That would be such an amazing experience to witness their talent firsthand.

Well done great words .. Thank you
Travel is life
Culture, food and habits. Nothing is nicer than originality‏..

Absolutely stunning, I love Spanish architecture.

How many times have you visited Spain?

Awesome. I have a plan to visit Granada on August. I'm looking forward to going to Spain.

If you have any question about Granada, let me know! I live here :)

We stayed at a beautiful boutique hotel called El Ladrón de Agua (“The Water Thief”). It has maybe 15 rooms, and I think we saw one other couple the whole four days we were there. It’s in a great location, with views of the Alhambra at the top of a hill. It’s on a cobblestone road next to a creek with ancient bridges. It was our favorite stay in Spain. Also, you should go to the nearby and dreamlike Arab baths. Opt for a massage and personal bath if you want to feel quite possibly more pampered than you ever have.

Edit: the rooms at the hotel don’t have numbers; they’re named after lines of poems by Federico de Lorca. I believe the building is several hundred years old, a former mansion. It’s pretty modernized and updated, though. One nice touch I remember is complimentary sherry in the library each evening (ooh la la!). I just looked up the prices, and they’re damned reasonable (by US standards, anyway, and for what you get) but of course your budget might vary, and the rates might fluctuate seasonally.

Also saw an amazing, authentic, intimate flamenco show in a cave. Don’t remember much about how you might find it, but it’s run by an older formerly-very-famous flamenco Queen. We found it by asking our excellent concierge.

Agreed, spanish architecture just looks like the Mediterranean summer

What a lovely city Gernada is!!!!! obviously i also praise your's splendid

Wow I had no idea that Granada was so beautiful, I hope someday to be able to travel there, excellent photos, good post!

Granada is a city of tragedy, it has been carrying a lot of history, thanks to giving this information for a beautiful city..

Wow thats really amazing! I heared about it, but didnt image the architecture to be that beautiful. Great history and lovely photos :)

Very good sample of Granada. I have a photographic project, "travel and document the Colombian Caribbean." I have traveled to where my resources have allowed me, but I know that soon this dream will come true. Grettings.

Wow, dude that looks amazing, i'd love to go there for holidays once! Here in Poland we dont have such amazing views. Great pictures, keep up good work.

Excelentes fotografías!!! se aprecia un hermoso lugar e imponentes edificaciones bien elaboradas!

Spain has an acient history and very beautiful culture in past as well as now,beautiful archetecture and photography i enjoyed it a lot.

Maravilloso, una verdadera joya arquitectónica...

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beautiful artwork on the architecture! i always wonder how long do they need for just one wall? the hardest part is those ceilling i guess

You are lucky to be able to visit this amazing place , wish one day I'll be able to land there too , I just love monuments, if i have to ever travel anywhere or go to any place I just love visiting said city's historical places .
Look at that art of design ingraved in that wall it's just amazing beauty in a whole different level.
Everything from the walls , to the pillars to the roof all is a treasure .
The picture that u can look over the whole city where did u take the shot from!

Wonderful series!

Granada is a spectacular city and its impressive architecture.


An honor can enjoy the photo you share in @martinphoto post

Everyone will be surprised to see the beauty of Granada, Not only that Spain is also very well known with the legacy of a magnificent building with a few centuries ago with a very beautiful and fascinating monument that makes us fascinated because of the beauty of the city, History has proved it, May your journey in Spain is a great part and I enjoy what you feel @martinphoto.

See you on the top

Este post merece que te hable en español. Muy buenas fotos martin, me distes ganas de ir a conocer Granada!

[ENG] This post deserves speak to you in Spanish. Very good work Martin, Now i want to visit Granada!

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I would love to visit this city

I love your publication, keep that up, friend!

As a fan of Federico Garcia Lorca and his works, Granada is the city I would most like to visit. Thanks for sharing the great pictures of my dream city!

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Başarılı ve kaliteli fotoğraflar çekmişsiniz. Beğendim

Love this city so much, architecture is great!! Was there once and going to visit it this summer <3

This is a Church or temple? Is stunning.

How not to love your post and you? If it shows us pure wonders in them, with those photographs it seems like a kind of place like Greek, those places where they made old movies haha ​​the truth I have a lot of ignorance about Spain and its cities but I know that whoever comes to Spain does not want to leave.

@martinphoto Granada is the most beautiful city of Spain with great italian and muslim influence, there is not a city equal to this place, te muslim left a very strong mark in the Alhambra so that people in spain don´t forget their history as a mix of many cultures

Spain is the country where I want to live in a couple of years. I love it. It's an old civilization that has a lot of architecture to see and enjoy. A lot of history buried on those walls. Thanks for sharing.

Good pictures. With that light and depth, like Spain, beautiful ... with flavors and extreme colors.

Kaligrafinya bagus

Awesome photography man. Good job.

I traveled all throughout this area in the mid 90's so beautiful! We even lived on a beach on the south of Spain, some of my favorite times in my life.. these designs are a bit Celtic to me and the first time I was in Galecia, Spain I heard fiddles as if i were in Ireland in the high mountains with a flare of the region.. so magical.. makes me want to go back. I think we played in a coffee house here or in a small town near by called Orgiva? Mmmmmm another time forget in space...

Beautiful pics!

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These are some awesome pictures. I appreciate photography but when its combined with some history, it's even better. I would love to learn more about how the Moors occupied, migrated to and from Spain.

Hola @martinphoto
Que bella Granada. Que Bella Andalucia.
La influencia de la Cultura Árabe se denota a leguas.
Saludos y buen artículo

Great photos showing the intricate carved stonework, magnificent.

Beautiful images!

The design is beautiful too

You have awesome pictures. Keep up the great work. Looking at these makes me want to visit this place.

Really one of the most beautiful cities, very nice photos!

Hermosa arquitectura, me encanta, que bueno que tengas la oportunidad de viajar y hacer fotos alrededor del mundo, te felicito muy bello Granada

typical. steemit.

Bello molto originale

muy linda la publicacion, en realidad es una ciudad HERMOSA...

Yep, i agree with the title: I live in Granada and enjoy its beauty every day :) Great pics!

you are right about Granada, it's not only Alhambra that's worth visiting, the city itself has so so much to offer :-)

I love Granada! One of my favourite places in Spain!

For years I visited Granada and the Alhambra was what most impressed me because it has an interesting history of struggle and anecdotes, they knew that cristobal colon met there with the Spanish queen to finalize his agreement before his trip to America, also in the Alhambra many technological advances were built that were not known at the time, it is a place of wonders and history

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