Some arbitrary photos of nice, classic houses in Tromsø

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I'm back in Oslo now, but I still have some more photos from my Tromsø stay that I'd like to share. This is just an arbitrary collection of relatively nice, classic residential houses I bothered to photograph while being there - there are many more and many bigger, nicer houses.

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.629264,18.919506 (geohack) - 2018-12-22 12:32:33 localtime - full quality

The house above I've already sort of presented in another post - due to the decorations, particularly the table to the right of the building ... but I also think the house itself is a nice one!

There is the slightly deregoratory word "kråkeslott" - litterally "crow castle". Some of the representations of "Villa Villekulla" from Astrid Lindgrens Pippi Långstrump has towers, that's quite typical "kråkeslott". Not sure why we call them like that. We also have another phrase - "heating for the crow" - those "crow castles" are typically not well-insulated and typically have lots of wall area compared to the living area, hence they are very energy-inefficient in the winter time, "heating for the crow". However, I doubt that's related. We have quite some "kråkeslott" in Tromsø, there is even a kinder garden "Kråkeslottet barnehage" - here is a random photo from the Internet:

Kråkeslottet barnehage, random photo found through Google

I don't think that house is the best example of what I truely would call "kråkeslott". I didn't manage to capture any of the true "kråkeslott", I should consider to capture as many "kråkeslott" as possible next time I'm there. Some of the houses below are perhaps "close enough". The next one, definitively not, but it's nicely decorated:

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.62873,18.919065 (geohack) - 2018-12-22 12:31:24 localtime - full quality

In my opinion, a typical "Kråkeslott" is white. The next one may almost qualify, though the upper balcony on the rear part of the building seems a bit too big, it breaks the architectural expression. Also, it's missing a tower - in my opinion, a true "kråkeslott" should have a tower.

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.641777,18.933763 (geohack) - 2018-12-22 12:53:12 localtime - full quality

This is another nice house - and nicely decorated as well - though personally I wouldn't like living that close to such a trafficated road.

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.650421,18.942285 (geohack) - 2018-12-22 16:11:53 localtime - full quality

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.639488,18.924865 (geohack) - 2018-12-23 13:18:48 localtime - full quality

Vestregata, formerly the west border of the town, still features quite some of the classical old urban dwellings.

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.646896,18.949155 (geohack) - 2018-12-24 10:52:03 localtime - full quality

Here is another photo of the same street ...

Photo from Lokalhistoriewiki
source: lokalhistoriewiki

Brick houses are relatively rare in Tromsø, though they do exist. The big advantage with bricks is that they don't catch fire - we've had quite some nasty fires in Tromsø up through the history - notably in 1902, 1948 and 1969.

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.650489,18.942153 (geohack) - 2018-12-24 12:53:49 localtime - full quality

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.647094,18.917892 (geohack) - 2018-12-27 14:45:42 localtime - full quality

I'd like to know more about the history here. It's some 50-100 metres of old seafront in Strandveien with those three buildings. To the north and south the seafront is much further out due to land reclamation, those areas are filled up with big apartment buildings.

Photo taken by tobixen
position: geo:69.639213,18.940258 (geohack) - 2018-12-29 12:42:28 localtime - full quality

Selected photos available in original quality on IPFS QmUG6iq531w5RAZzZZWBzBe5oAqG3o7qFpKXDMuqo9WT2U. All photos taken available in original quality on IPFS QmRvMuhWZcwkUHmHRkmbEjKTrFyHgJAeGYjSdD4KbekjJw. The CC BY-SA 4.0 license applies on both my photos and the article

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