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Over the past few years, the entire cryptocurrency sector backed by a renewable technology has become an investment option that attracts new investors with each passing day and as such it's entire operations have evolved from entertainment as conceived by the outside world to more of a financial institution. A simple web search on how to earn cryptocurrency for free will show multiple results pointing to cryptocurrency mining, the industry has been leveraged by cryptocurrency enthusiasts since the launch of bitcoin in 2009 to make free money .

Aside the rewarding aspect of crypto mining, it is the only process through which cryptocurrency transactions are being verified and added to the secure blockchain distributed ledger making it a prominent aspect of the entire sector. The importance of cryptocurrency mining industry has led to the creation of several start-up projects and ICOs for crypto mining operations in the past few year. Lots of them turned out to be scams like Snowball Mining that do away with investors money or the likes of Veritas that provided conflicting information.

Other projects got fold up due to other reasons such as Miner One that was paying over 7 cents for electricity per KwH as well as taxes of 22% in Sweden which is extremely too high for the profit being generated. Similarly, IceRock Mining and Ambit Mining were paying electricity bill of 3 and 4,5 cents per KwH respectively with the usage of 16 Th/s equipment to mention just few. The industry has been plaque by many other problems making mining a lot more difficult and less profitable.

Problem With Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

The massive electricity consumption of by cryptocurrency mining operation and farms have reach an alarming state and it have started it is causing a very hazard impact on the environment and nature. This hazard on the environment is caused as a result of electricity being the only source of energy used by cryptocurrency mining project and this electricity form of energy is produced using various fossil fuel material which has detrimental effect on the environment.

Aside the environmental hazard involved in cryptocurrency mining, it is becoming less profitable for miners due to various cost involved in running mining operations, these costs includes : cost of equipment and hardware, cost of maintenance of hardware, tax and bill imposed by Government, and above all, the cost of electricity. As the costs of electrcontinues to rise in every country, miners are running at lost after paying such ambiguous bill and only the ones with cheap source electricity make profits

A Better Alternative By Arc Iris

Arc Iris Development Inc emerges with a disruptive and innovative operational models towards creating a robust energy-efficient bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining operation by utilizing the core of Hydrogen technology as source of electricity and energy. The project will use the most sophisticated and well efficient cloud mining techniques to create the needed infrastructures that would empower everyone in the cryptocurrency community to become a profitable cryptocurrency miner.

The mining operation proposed by Arc Iris will be powered by sophisticated multimining algorithm and advance mining hardware with dedicated capabilities specially designed by the company to bring about a well sustainable and efficient cryptocurrency cloud mining. All the infrastructures and the mechanisms to be used by Arc Iris cloud mining is being design by well experienced and highly skilled experts that have the proper understanding of the various throughout problems currently faced in the industry and the need to deliver a world class ecosystem with great user experience.

The core of Arc Iris is designed towards providing a high-end solutions that will decentralize the cryptocurrency mining industry. With Arc Iris mining operation, miners and end user will be provided with full control and access on their respective mining processes and hash power.

Arc Iris mining operation will be based on cloud mining facility, inorder to provide every miners the necessary infrastructures needed to earn profitable gains with less effort. The mining operation will adopt the use of high-tech mechanisms that encrypt all the mining processes and data giving each miner an exclusive controls ober their own encryption keys.

Why Choose Cloud Mining

Over the past few years, several cryptocurrency mining approaches have emerge with each of them having a distinctive operation model. The mining industry now has 3 different way of mining cryptocurrency namely

1. Home mining 

this is the conventional mining operation prevalent across the industry, it is known for being not profitable as it entails high cost of electricity. It is the time of mine adopted by the likes miner one, Icerock mining and ambit mining leading them to seize operation due to low return

2. Industrial mining 

is considered one of the most profitable and lucrative methods of mining cryptocurrency mostly used by cooperate business facilities. It is characterized by expensive and requirements for a higher level of expertise and resources.

3. Cloud mining 

is the most profitable mining method with low cost of operations as it offers miners the benefits of mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrency without purchasing or maintaining any mining equipment.

The entire mining operation of Arc Iris will be through cloud mining. The company will be responsible for the provision of the mining equipment, hardware, electricity and energy source as well as maintenance. Arc Iris approach will gives miners the advantage of mining cryptocurrency without purchasing any of the mining equipment therefore users save lots of cost will be free from various risks associated with management of mining equipment.

Arc Iris Token System

Arc Iris (ACI) Coin is the official currency of Arc Iris project and it is built on the secure ethereum blockchain. The coin was built with various Cutting-Edge technology such as proof-of-work scrypt Algorithms to make it secure and stable than the conventional cryptocurrency available in the market. it will serve majorly as loyalty and reward currency for the entire operations of the Arc Iris ecosystem

the value of the ACI Coin will be backed by the continuous profits and income earned from Arc Iris cryptocurrency mining operations. The investors who invest in Arc Iris and ACI Coins will be stand a chance to get more ROI as the token protected with a more stable price. ACI would be tradable on many top cryptocurrency exchanges inorder to provide the liquidity needed for a volume trading


Arc Iris cloud mining operation will drastically help miners reduce cost involved in setting up own mining farms and rigs, the stressful and tricky operational problems, and other various problems associated with mining like obsolescence of hardware and equipment, heating, pollution and environmental effects of mining. You are a step closer to profitable mining with Arc Iris

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