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Kraudfanding proved its viability as a business model. It is used both by entrepreneurs to confirm the value of their activities, and by investors, as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to create new ones. But both comfort and others have problems that the team of the Arizn project from South Africa discovered. Over 7 years of joint work, they helped about a thousand social projects. It's time to take the next step - to improve the effectiveness of crowd-framing with the help of the Blockchain, and do it on a global scale. Consider the ICO of this project.


According to statistics, only 1% of projects successfully attract funds through croweding. Especially little chance for beginners. If the project has nothing but an idea, then no site will help them. Such is the statistics and there are objective reasons for this. Consider the problems of both parties: the founders and investors.
The founders are experiencing the following problems:

  • payment for the publication of projects. Some sites place projects for a fee. Here you can also add various taxes and payment for transactions. As a result, these fees sometimes reach up to 20% of the fee. That is, if the founders attracted a million dollars in the project, they will receive only 800 thousand;
  • a small internal audience of sites. As there are many sites, the audience is divided between them. As a result, it is not enough to provide sufficient organic coverage, so that the project suffices for the fees. The main audience on the collection page will have to bring them, their resources. Exceptions can be, only the most TOP-ONE sites. Such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and several others;
  • a large percentage of the scum. On the sites, as a rule, the minimum requirements for published projects. Hence the low quality. Those who have been burned a couple of times on unsuccessful projects, with difficulty investing in new ones;
  • difficult withdrawal of funds. This process contains a lot of red tape and requires waiting time;
  • there is no incentive system for sharing. There are no motivating tools to distribute information outside of the sites. This could greatly enhance the efficiency of companies. Sometimes such attempts are made, but all of them are reduced to zero due to technical difficulties associated with accounting.
    Investors also have problems. They are the following:
  • many sites. And each has unique characteristics and requirements. To understand all there is no possibility. And some one quickly gets bored;
  • there are no mechanisms for protecting depositors. Now all the interaction between founders and investors is based on trust, and the site does not guarantee the return of resources. Of course, this holds back the motivation of the Bakers;
  • liquidity market kraudfandinga low. Only a small number brings the expected effect. And if the project becomes liquid, then it is not reflected in the purse of depositors at an early stage. It would be fair to reward them for believing in the project at the very beginning of the journey.



Arizn is a crowdfunding on Blockchain. It protects the interests of both parties with the help of smart contracts.


Arizn has all the necessary tools to conclude formal contracts between the founders and investors and provide them with liquid assets in the form of AALT tokens. When completing the profile and project conditions, a smart contract and the type of ALT project tokens are created. They serve as an instrument of trust between the parties.
Investors receive their rewards in the AALT tokens of the project. Then they have to translate them into ALT tokens, which serve as system tokens. Further, they can withdraw them to fiat funds, invest in other projects, or organize their own crowdsfunding campaign.
Arizn has an exchange service LiquiDEX, through which it is possible to exchange ALT project tokens among themselves. Or on AALT tokens and withdraw from the system, for example, in the the fiat currency.
Recently, it became known about the integration of Arizn with the Bancor protocol, which provides for liquidity tokens. This will allow everyone who has AALT tokens of any of the projects to use on any site of the Bancor network. They can be stored in Bancor Wallet, or any other Web3, for example, MetaMask.








Arizn has a well-coordinated team, an up-to-date idea and a vibrant role for Blockchain technology. Soft Cap is already reached. Discount for tokens now is 30%.


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