Formal sunrise pictures in the desert

in #arizonalast year (edited)

This weekend I picked up @jarvie at the airport in Phoenix and drove him to Tucson to do reception and formal wedding pictures.

For the reception I ate the yummy food and occasionally held the flash. It was for formal sunrise pictures in the Saguaro National Park that I got really excited and took out my camera.

@jarvie and I switched lens 105mm and 24-70mm. It is at times like these that I am especially glad I switched to Nikon so I can shoot with my brother.

It was beautiful!

Here are some of my favorites.

Thanks little brother for letting me shoot with you.


Its sooo romantic and original at the same time😍😍 Definitely love it!!

Thanks Tammy it was so to shoot in the desert!

I had to come here after replying to your comment on my comment feed. I wondered what master work you'd been sharing while I've mostly away from the platform.

How stunning! The photo with the hot-air balloon in the background left me speechless. Still, they are all glorious! And, how beautiful that was a joint work between you and your brother. It makes the display of your art all the more meaningful <3

All the best to you two :)

Thanks so much! It really is fun shooting together and that we share the love of photography and travel and get to spend good quality time together doing both.

These are looking great!! I better get rolling on my selections of this shoot sooner than later. ALso i love the dodge and burn edits you did!

Thanks and thanks for teaching me how!