Arsenic pollution.

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20180117013319.jpg At present, arsenic pollution is an anxiety for Bangladesh. In chemistry arsenic is referred to as a violently poisonous white compound of brittle element. Now this element is detected to be present in large quantities in the tubewell water of the many districts of Bangladesh. It causes a kind of health hazard. press reports on this matter are drawing attention of all classes of people to be aware of it and also to take all possible preventive measures / steps. Drinking of arsenic - contaminated water causes many diseases like sores and stomach troubles. So, urgently it is needed to be cheeked and people should be taught how to get rid of it. At present an antidote is invented to purity arsenic polluted water. Besides, the world Bank has agreed to give all possible help to mitigate the arsenic problem in our country, So the govt. should take necessary steps to check the arsenic pollution.


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arsenic problem is a very bad problem. arsenic is the most pollution.