Ha ha. NO.

Thank GOD your rep score has been flagged down into the negative. I would love to contribute, though at this point, my vote won't make any difference. :-D

Hahahaha that's a great scammer..
I don,t support this user..

Dont know what is wrong with that account, is so stubborn, keeps pooping on my feed

I love how much you love shitting on these kinds of guys xD
You and Yahweh would get along like a house on fire xD

Too bad, such comments won’t get you no where . How hard could it be to communicate with the author. Better not comment than your comment getting you in trouble everytime. Have a rethink my friend and take an advice from me cause I walked in your shoes when I started on here but I know much more better now. Honest comments will get you to your promised land on steemit . I wish you luck