Make a boat with friends

in #art3 years ago

One night I gather with friends, our goal on that night is to enliven the host who holds the wedding feast of his beloved children, but we as citizens who participated in the invite, we as a household assist the host.di every marriage ceremony in aceh customs and art that is always in the fore and not forgotten.

We are the young men who always have the task to adorn something that will probably be art with our own creative or idea, so on that night we have opinions and thoughts to make our ornamental boat from cardboard and plastic paper and also as our middle screen put the newly sprouted coconut and we also paint it with beautiful colors.


Finally our efforts and our creations that night resulted in a very special and beautiful creations, so the host became very happy.
And on the next day the host directly brings our ornamental art to the bride. They are very happy and receive it as special as the aceh custom and respect for the family and the bride




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