Day 186# 🖌 Original Abstract Art by @adrianv 🎨 Red & Black in motion

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chalk pastel on paper

The essence of an abstract artwork is an answer in itself without a prior question.

Hello, dear friends!

Today I'm sharing with you, again, another abstract painting made using chalk pastels on wet paper with, as usual, a lot of details.

Enjoy the motion!

Layer 1.jpg

close-up from original

Layer 2.jpg

close-up from original

Layer 3.jpg

close-up from original

Layer 4.jpg

close-up from original

Layer 5.jpg

close-up from original


close-up from original


close-up from original


close-up from original


close-up from original


close-up from original


close-up from original



...a small part of me, of my life, of my feelings...

Thank you so much for watching!

If you feel...leave a comment and let me know your thoughts...I'll do my best to respond.

with love,



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amazing post, very good. thanks for sharing