Learning From The World Of Mural Art

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Safety: Precaution is better than cure


Safety is one of the most important things to be considered when you are planning any kind of wall art. I know when I speak of it as I have had first hand experience of it. And yes it can be quite fatal. You must see to it if the painting area requires the use of harnesses or any safety equipments. Also the scaffolding used MUST be of a decent quality which avoids any kind of accidents. A little bit of ignorance can prove to be disastrous in some cases.

A few months ago, I and one of my friend were involved in a similar situation where she lost her balance and fell on me as the base of the ladder was unevenly levelled. It ended up giving small i juries to both of us and quite a waste of materials too. Therefore, it is 100% crucial that these things are taken care of beforehand.



One of most important things that I have learned from my exposure to wall art is planning stages and assigning time to those stages. It always helps to know how much percentage of work you have targeted for a specific day. Breaking it in parts or stages mentally preps you for each day and helps you stay on a timeline.

Economical use:


This is an obvious but important one. I have been quite acquainted with watercolors and other dry mediums over the years and never really liked acrylics too much. Murals also kinda forced me to get to know them better. They definitely require attention once you are done using them unlike watercolors which can reused once dried. One second of laziness to cover up the colors or dip the brushes in water can cost you!

Watch out for that bod:


The physical stamina required for murals along with mental strength really stunned me. Bending in all sorts of positions and keeping unnatural body postures for hours are sure ways to give strain to your body. I truly realized the importance of stretches and physical fitness at the end of the day when my body felt as if it had broken in different parts 😂

It might seem funny in the beginning but when this goes on for days and weeks, it does nothing but reduces your productivity and leaves you feeling drained all the time. Not how you would like to work huh?

These are only few of the many lessons which mural art has taught me. I won’t say that it has been awesome all the time and that this line of work is all rosy. But it’s worthwhile if you are passionate about it and helps you learn something new!

Keep Creating

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