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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

in #art3 years ago

Hello, @xpilar

This is my second time to comment here (really excited).

My imagination with this picture is:

Life that looks smooth outside (like a palace building) is not necessarily all the contents also experience calm and happiness. Outside looks may be beautiful, but isn't the good content truly true happiness?

These rocks are like an ugly palace in the eye, but cannot quickly conclude that there is no happiness in this environment. It could be that true happiness is firmly rooted inside.

No need to look too perfect with an eternal form. Because true happiness is inside that can make people feel awe around us.

Even the appearance of a stone like this large and rough coral reef, stores a million beautiful works of art when viewed with gratitude.

@ammachemist from Surabaya, Indonesia


Hi @ammachemist

Thanks for your thoughts and description, like it

Thanks a lot for your appreciation...

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