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The name is special, and we have this concept here with the other name like library, that are plenty enough for public. The older generation were having only this option to get books of all genre - novels, essays, thesis etc -on a small monthly fees. These books to be returned after one or two days or a week then we can returnit and take another one of our choice. But these great institutions for which there was degree and PG Courses in college now a days seems to be extinct. We are having the luxury of everything in the finger tips. Though there are few, in villages where still it used to open in the morning and evening and also where people gather to have daily newspapers.

But your concept is great. the illustration deserves appreciation too. You looks to be a great artist too. As a steemies we need to encourage talents,
so great work., Keep it up.. Keep steeming too.

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Thank you @angelro! 😁Your special library sounds very good! Sorry, I can't write long answer because my english is not so good. :)