The Doorless Cage - A Poem & a Drawing

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Sometimes words come out and sort of rhyme, and then we refer to that as poetry, or we call it poetic. This was never meant to be a grand poem, it wasn't really meant to be anything. It simply came out like this, quite spontaneously, completely effortlessly, both, the drawing and the poem, and that was that.

The Doorless Cage

 The doorless cage
was greatly cared for
Cleaned and maintained
Polished and stained
Then adorned with blossom
It was pretty awesome!

Now the inhabiting species
was completely unknown
None were allowed to touch its feathers
Nobody even permitted to see
The garnished cage
Its imagined destiny

One fine autumn day
an unusual haze
covered the area
preventing all gaze
with unshackling thoughts
now wildly ablaze…

Sparks, rays and unicorns
now all worked in unison
On the following morning
it was clear to see
the creature had changed
its proposed destiny

Some say it wanted to grow
Some say it needed to fly
But the truth of the matter
Just between you and me
Is that nobody knows
its true destiny. 

The Doorless Cage (2012)

Sabina Nore

Text & drawing by
Sabina Nore

I know both, the poem and the drawing. The time back it moved me tremendously. This new appearance moves me even more...somehow. Thank you. Restemeed

I think the lack of a door is the duality of the cage. The cage appears to constrain even though it does not. A false impression we sometimes force our minds to.

Thank you! ❤️

Mysterious creature that doorless cage dweller...

I love how delicate this drawing is. Especially the "floating" movement in that feather! :)

Yes, divinely mysterious and lots of other things we shan't name here :P
Thanks @ruth-girl :)

This is really deep - I love the poem!
I got memories of cages like this ..... except mine got doors, and they are always open (left, but never came back).
But whatever this one contained, it escaped through a quantum hole and made you write this poem!
Find it on Twitter:

But whatever this one contained, it escaped through a quantum hole and made you write this poem!
:)) I guess it did!

Thanks a lot Otto!!

Your poem and drawing made me think about my priorities.

I thought about freedom, about relations with my loved ones. I also thought about my weekly assignments. :)

I think this is a good start to the new week! Thank you, Sabina!

:) I'm glad to hear that!


Thank you Romanie!

Beautiful drawing and poem!

Thank you very much!!

Wonderful poem that goes well with the drawing. Very nice, Sabina.
Happy to upvote on this post and follow you from now on.

I absolutely LOVE that I ran across your blog!! You're brilliant! :)

"Bohemian transcendentalist river rat."
I am following your blog now as well!

I don't think I could feel more honored.

To the stars...

Christ-on-a-bike, I just saw that you had a website and clicked on it...then fell out of my seat. Your work on the Atu is breathtaking. It's going to take me a while to find my footing after that! So many wheels spinning...

The Atu?
Hope you've found your footing after that shockwave! :)

I'm good! I just needed a minute. :)

The Major Arcana. It's gorgeous work. I really like what you did with the Magician and the Hermit...actually, they're all beautiful and brilliant. Where did you find the influence for all that work?

A quick recovery speed is an important asset!

My primary influence for anything I create is my own journey. It's no different with the Tarot, so it came from within.

The energy of joy is too fast for dwelling on things. (sneaky smile)

I understand what you mean. You're such an inspired soul...I've only been trying validate what I see in your work. Words are such weak little things sometimes. How do you say everything you feel when so much from so many distances come at you all at once? How do you say, "Yes!" in a "Boom!" that cracks across a galaxy?

I've got to hit the road for a few days, but for sure, I'll be looking up your next post(s) when I get back to internet land. 22047802_10209855586892719_7367921959262505753_o.jpg

I suppose that is the human condition sometimes, to walk that line between the safety of a cage to keep things out and the fear of non discovery but not letting ourselves out. Wonderful poem and such a delicate drawing.

Thank you Donna!

Such a meaningful poetry. The drawing was so detailed, really inspiring. Thanks for always sharing your great article and artworks @anibas. Such an inspiration here. Keep it up.

Lovely! :-D

Thank you!

Thank you for this beautiful post, upvoted and followed

I like art , drawing and writing but most I like poems.
I often read Urdu poems and English poem.
When I read them they give me a relief and an insight of knowledge.
Thanks for sharing great post.

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Great cage that is
Good post

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Nice poem, really. Did you notice: The bird cage doesn't have a door..

I will follow you now.

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