The Ego Issue - Be Smart - (Plus A Little Bit of Self-Humiliation)

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Hi Everybody !

Before we get started, Full disclaimer:I am about to hurt many people's sensibilities. I honestly hope you won't think I am pedantic after reading all me thoughts, yet if you do... Sorry!

I recently had the non-pleasure of encounter my path with self-described self-taught artist Steemian. Which is pretty cool, yet I tried to extend to this person my concern about her method of practice. For which I just received aggression back.

This made me think about how people that is involved into art get back to a defensive position when you talk about their stuff.

I myself remember being this way in the past, yet it didn't lead me to anywhere.

This is the ego screaming to you from the back of your head "you are good enough, the rest ain't know a thing". So, since we are so sure that we are so awesome, we tend to feel scared that someone will tell us the opposite, and we show our claws.

I have one of this experiences myself on the deepest of my chest, wearing it as a badge of shame and a great reminder of how sometimes we just can't see the whole picture and our ego is stepping in front of our vision.

Let me describe you how it was:

When I was 14-15 years old (and I don't care that I was young, no excuses ladies and gentlemen) I did my very first digital "artwork". I remember doing it in Adobe Illustrator, which nowadays I just hate (And my Mac decided to not even allow me to open for some error program reason).

*(For better narrative purposes I put the artwork I did here at the right. So you can see that it was really bad).

I was so proud of it! So much in fact that I asked to a brother of mine to show it to his artists friends who worked with him. I even remember what they replied:

"Well, I can see that this guy just got started."

I was destroyed. So much in fact that I replied to my brother: "Huh! If you would see what other ''artists'' do and they get paid for that, you wouldn't say that!"

I was so angry!

It wasn't until few years after that I remembered the situation and felt very ashamed of the way I behaved. But it wasn't until like my 20-22 years old (yes, like 8 years after) that I realized that all this was because of my ego.

It is a matter of fact that twelve years after I still remember this unlucky behavior of mine. And yes, I am patient enough with myself to forgive me for having such terrible way of taking things up.

Yet still, it is a very lucky memory for when my nature tilts towards behaving like a dickhead I just bring this memory back and make a good use of it.

About eight months ago I decided to kill my ego entirely. And so I did.

And this made me to listen to everybody's comments, pieces of advices and critiques. And of course it was exhausting to filter them in the right way. Yet it made me get way further than I ever been before.

So again, if someone critiques you, or tells something about your work, embrace it instead enclose yourself, because that speaks about you.

Thanks a lot for your support and I see you in the next one!

(All the images are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)


I always try to listen to the ideas of my fellow followers to improve my posts and to give something back to the community... therefor: What would you like the next posts to be about? What should I talk about? What kind of painting? Would you like some tutorials about arts, about cooking? Maybe some fresh gaming broadcast? I would love to know!

I apologize if I don't reply to your message. Sometimes I can't find enough time for it. But you can be sure that I will read it!



It helps to realize you can't control other people's reactions. Only your own. When you put yourself out there you have to accept there will be good feedback and bad feedback. Use both to make yourself and your work better. That illustration was great for that time in your career.

Oh come on, you were 14 years old and it was your first digital work, right? I’d say it’s pretty good and instead, they should’ve told you to continue. Of course perhaps that criticism was what made you to continue so it’s hard to say what would ve been a right call :)
It’s also hard to say which work is bad or good, because they are of two different genres.

We learn daily. If you are not proud, analyzing criticisms will help you to improve your incompetency. Thanks, for sharing your experience @anritco.

Definitely take the good with the bad and grow from it. It can be hard to not pay attention to what others say but you just have to stay true to yourself.

everyday it gets easier, but to remove your ego is so important. especially to grow into our full potential. becoming humble saves us from a lot of hard lessons

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Congratulations friend! That looks pretty good. Keep it up. I invite you to read my publications and leave your comment or vote.
Success is on your side. Happy Thursday!💖💛🇻🇪💃🏻

I have called myself an artist all of my life. I have experienced many tell me my art is mediocre at best and that I should give up (and focus on a real job). These people never offered constructive criticism. I admit it has impacted me in not being as motivated to focus on what I am passionate about. I am shy about my work. I am new to steemit, so I have little posted. Perhaps you are willing to provide feedback and tips?
Thank you

Well... I always felt that I was too bad at arts to call myself an artists, after a while I realized that being an artist is a profession, and a profession means that you do something professionally, which means that you get paid for that...

...if you don't get paid for that, then I think being an artist is not a name for it. Although if you do get paid for that, despite of your level of skill, then you are an artist.

I can provide you tips if needed, just ask when you have any question and I will do my best.

Ego is good, from time to time it is good to allow it to permeate our minds completely.
Although i could not really make sense with the rest of what you wrote, I will still commend you for confusing a fellow kinsman. 😀

It my first time on your blog, but to be sincere I love what I read. ego has made no man but has killed many men. Any person who is ready to succeed in life must be ready to bury their ego, there is nothing as interesting as making a mistake and being corrected.

Great work, your animations are always very good love your work so much!

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @anritco

Follow my blog @powerupme

I think we all need criticism in our work even not in art. It makes us grow and see what's missing with what we've done. It's like learning in a hard way.

This is unique post ty

As the saying goes, "leave the ego otherwise everyone would leave you"

". So, since we are so sure that we are so awesome, we tend to feel scared that someone will tell us the opposite, and we show our claws

How much youve grown as an artist tells so much how you took those lessons by heart.

Following u now coz ur works are amazing😍

Life is very difficult
There is a good way to live in life.
Everyone needs to be benefited.
And we need to give something better to write something like this.
Your writing has become very beautiful.
I am your friend
Will you be my friend?

That's called individual differences......what you feel is necessary, may never appeal to another because everyone is different

That Blossom drawing remainds me so much to the bleedman's style doujin.

I don't why always that unhappy moments in the past that you know you behaviour wasn't good, comes again to you, for torment you, again. >.<
it's so umcorfortable.

I would like to make a opinion about the topic but. i havent passed through a similar experiencie. People watch my art but mostly of the time rarely someone comment. So I really don't know who likes my drawings, which are good and which not. Which have mistakes and which not.
I just only know that I always have to get better as much as I can. It feels like never is enough.

Great work!You are so gifted, please remember that your ego will be the reason for hurting others....

Beautiful work. I would say that you can't ever get rid of your ego, however you can learn to push it to the side where it no longer takes control of your actions and reactions. We all have moments, especially as teenagers where we let our ego be our guide in how we act towards criticism specially when it is something we are proud of. A sign of growing maturity is to realize that you are the one in control of your ego and learning gracefully to take the good and bad reviews of your work. BTW your first work is not bad. I give props to anyone who has the ability to take what is in the imagination and put it to paper/digital art. I certainly do not have that kind of talent. Hugs and love @positivejolene

sabes opino igual amigo. ciertamente cuando las personas repelen las criticas y no las filtran se encierran en si mismos y esto no les permite avanzar. yo misma estoy en proceso de cambiar mi actitud frente el mundo del arte y ahora creo que las criticas son importantes para el crecimiento artístico.

You are a amazing and thinking person. All the best.