Thank you for picking me as inspiration! I absolutely love this fantasy concept! It’s definitely up my alley since I love chimeras. The expressions and details are so lovely. The highlights throughout the image kills me, so good!

I am so happy you like the concept. You have been a great support and inspiration to a lot of us on the platform @vermillionfox and I just wanted to say thanks again.

Cheers to you and yours

Holy sh*t, look at that yone, look at that color!

Ha ha you'r making me red too.

Damn very creative idea and it turned out amazing! I can truly see your inspiration @artwatch ! :D

Thank you - it means a lot. Happy to be doing something that allows me to stretch the imagination a bit.

Beautifully painted, and that doggy creature is majestic as hell. I want one now, badly!

Ha ha Majestic... ha ha Ok. I want one too

You always do such amazing and sweet things for everyone! I had the drawing you made of me printed and framed, makes me so happy! Hugs friend!

This. Is. AMAZING! I already love the series that you're doing with these flowers. And these guys are so great. So many details, so much whimsy. 💗

You have a lot of talent, it seems that everything you draw is so natural, so spontaneous. Many artists find it difficult to get inspiration many times, although he confessed that his creativity is inspired by someone.

I loved the part of the fox and the candle that was present in the drawing, as well as the colors that you used. I will be attentive to read the story behind these friends.

Cheers thank you~! Very happy you like and thanks for your kind words of support.

You have an excellent inspirational, very good job.

Cheers my friend - hope life is treating you well.

Hello, HR! I like your idea of drawing drawings in an old book. You get interesting illustrations.

Very happy it interests you feelisgood - hope the next one is just as interesting for you!


God is so beautiful to see these drawings and I draw so horrible the dolls I make them with sticks :(

I used to make stick figures too - we start there and get better - don't give up.

very beautiful painting friends, good luck always, my friend please visit my blog once a friend @artwatch

What a fun idea!

:) thank you

que excelentes ilustraciones me alegra haberte encontrado, desde ahora estaré pendiente de tus post. saludos

I like your work. And I want to see your more work. Thats why I am following you.

Thank you - happy you like my work - cheers.

Your work is Exquisite.Very good.

Awesome work! I love your idea of re-envisioning Wild Flowers of America.

Cheers and thank you for your kind words of support.