Meet @wheellife, the disabled enabler

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A month or so ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a truly inspirational being named Bijan a.k.a the Disabled Enabler a.k.a @wheellife
Bro got hit by a wave which paralysed him from the waist down...
Instead of letting depression or hopelessness take over,
he's kept it positive, kept it real, lives a full life and has the drive and spirit of a light warrior!

Padna has an awesome vlog, which he recently started posting on @Dtube, he's writing a book "10 reasons to break your neck" and he's honing his skills as an all-round artistic force. I thought he would be a perfect fit here on the Steemit platform, so I suggested he join us for the revolution.

He's got style, swagger, joie de vivre and a nose for the crypto, so go meet @wheellife for yourself.

Please help me make our brother feel welcome!

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Bijan Lofti banner.png
Here's a banner I made for the cause


Beautiful banner and glad you are helping ppl that give you inspiration!

Thank you, I hope to do more of these type of posts and artworks in the future... I'm happy to be meeting great souls at an increased rate lately :)

buddy you're humbling me with this post, I feel truly grateful for meeting you and your famz!
I'm using this banner for my profile since everything I tried sofar failed :)

It is really great reading about people who, against all odds, have determined to dictate to life rather than have life dictate to them. This is somewhat similar to a post I made recently for my friend Alex.

@wheellife don't stop being the lively man you are. There is certainly more to life than having to walk around purposelessly. Cheeeerrrs. You are being followed.

@artzanolino special regards for pulling the strings of inspiration through your matchless artworks. Kudos.

Indeed, that's a good post! Thanks for the support @gandhibaba

inspirational post, welcome to steemit :)

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