nice piece, maybe just practice drawing hands, it looks quite like ET calling home here, but I like the face.. :)

Beautiful work of art! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot Michael! :)


Thank you Rahul! :)

Thanks @federacion45 :) appreciate it.

Very surprised with your art ... I love it.


the style is very strong


" So why all that blabbering above, about women who smoke being sexy, you ask? "

Because you are a latter day victim of the notorious propagandist Edward Bernays.

Do you know there is a complete page on wikipedia on"Women and Smoking"?! But somehow there's no mention of this Edward Bernays guy on that page... It only tells about The American Tobacco Company and the Lucky Strike and how they took advantage of the suffrage movement but doesn't mention the man behind it. Weird. I came across the name in a quora answer. From your link:
"Bernays worked briefly for Liggett and Myers, makers of Chesterfield cigarettes in 1927. He pulled a stunt against the competing brand Lucky Strike which involved mocking the endorsements of opera singers who said Lucky Strikes were “kind to your voice”. George Washington Hill head of the American Tobacco Company, which made Lucky Strikes, promptly hired Bernays away from Liggett and Myers. When he started working for American Tobacco Company, ..."
Such talent that the rival recruited him! Really, hats off to this guy! And he convinced doctors into telling people to smoke! What a heartless man! He must have known all along that it was actually harmful, right?

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Amazing!!!! Followed

I don't see any romanticism in a woman smoking nowadays. However I agree it was remarkable in the past specially among hollywood artists. Your sketch captures that "smoking mood" of them and I like that.


I think women are more sexy when they smoke weed. Something about holding it and having it spread out your mouth when you exhale is exquisite to watch. Ever have a woman blow pot smoke into your mouth with a kiss? DEEvine. I think my kink for the smoking woman has to do with the float and high you get from the toke though. Being really close to someones face when they are exhaling 420smoke is extremely calming if you are a tad high and into that person. Drag in their sent with the smoke as you please.