When I look at your painting it seems more like "Lunar Detour on the way to Stellar Love" or "Shoot for the Stars and you might reach the Moon"


Unfortunately, Lunar Love is Involutionary. Stellar Love is evolutionary. Your instincts were correct!


You see? That's why I don't name my paintings!! 😔

Let's just forget it then :-)


Lunar is more appropriate @oneceuponatime but stellar sounds nice. Even Shakespeare's grammar wasn't correct but it sounded great. It received such love from people that it became a way of writing. Some times its better to go by the instincts.

Whoa, this is AWESOME. I love surrealism. Now that I'm following, please do more!

@irenaeus thanks a lot! :) yep I'll be posting more of my artwork soon :)

I Think you are a Real Artist Carrying Unlimited Feelings and Possibilities
Well Done Please Keep Going :)

haha thank you @merosalah! You made me smile :)

Beautiful work!! I saw your post on the FB group We Love Steemit. Upvoted, resteemed and followed you.

Thanks a lot @sallywitt :) heading over to your profile now :)

Beautiful! I want to climb to the moon...

simplemente hermoso


Thank you @djynn :)

You're welcome :)

I did 3 paintings in my life all fairly similar. I painted the canvasses with blacks, navy blues and dark blue and spattered the "stars." One with shades of greens and another with mixed dark hues. I like them!

I am sure you do! These paintings are really fun to do and they always turn out beautiful no matter what! :)

It's kind of like Jackson Pollock but not as busy

This is fantastic! The background is just magnificent :) Great job <3

Thanks Aishwarya :)

Love the concept and your use of colors.

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good chose and nic pictures.

@fouaz Glad you like it :)