Frequency Keeper

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“Frequency Keeper”
Oil and casein on canvas

I started this piece from recreating and bringing to life a broken ancient Egyptian sculpture. I was guided to add a dragonfly headdress, and placing a blossoming lotus flower on top of her throat, using this work as an opportunity for deeper healing around reclaiming my voice. To create a free flow of the energies, I made her tears flow, to water the lotus within.
Two days later I went to my meditation spot in the desert, and I found myself being surrounded by so many dragonflies like I’ve never seen in my life! I felt so uplifted, blessed and supported in their presence. As they were flying all around me, following the flow in the present moment, I was being led through a very powerful emotional release, an act of forgiveness, and gathering the lost parts of myself back into the center of my being. Dragonflies reminded me that I am a frequency keeper, anchoring down very high codes of light, and being a vessel for these energies. Because of my journey through darkness I can now express in many languages of light, and I am awakening deeper into the true power that my voice holds. This piece is about taking flight, journeying into our divine nature, and ancient remembrance.

Prints are available.


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Much appreciated! Thank you!;)

I just discovered your page today and I really like your work! Upvoted, esteemed and followed you today.

I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.

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Thank you so much!!🙏 much appreciated! With my awareness shifting so much these days, I am feeling like my journey with art is juuuust beginning!🙂

Out of this world art. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!;)

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Thank’s so much!

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