Happiness will not come by itself, You have to find it out! ☃

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It's the funny but realistic conversation from our BDCommunity. It's a long time we are together here. In this journey, many people come and go but we are still together. We are like a family now.

I have learned so many things from them. I made mistakes couple of hundred times. They always get angry but forget. They are always supportive, helpful. I am very grateful to you guys.

@sourovafrin @zaku @sheikhsayem @mhossain Hope you guys can relate yourself! 😷

I never do anything intentionally but he always gets angry with me! 😥

at 2-3am, he comes and calculates all his profit! The richest person but still want more! 🤑

It's their board exam. But 24hrs they thinking about Steemmonsters! 🎯

IMG_20190504_050930-01 (1).jpeg
My ugliest Brother. He never saw himself in the mirror and come to talk about my beauty! 🤳

He never found any good work from me. Always taunting! 🔥

Love you all!

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You are.. I am speechless. Amazing art 😍
Btw i am looking smart there

btw toamke smart kore aksi post er man ijjoth bachanur jonno 😂 @sourovafrin

😪 Ami by born smart


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🙄🙄 Bhai dichchi dichchi!

কষ্ট ত এক্টাই কমেন্ট বা পোষ্ট ডিলেট করা যায় না😭

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😂 lol, @mhossain did you reach diamond 1 before let alone champion league. @ayasha-art I think it will be Yes!!! I am in the gold league not Yes!!! I am in the champion league.
But thanks a lot for insulting @mhossain.

Amar bhai o ekdin jabe InshAllah 😎@sheikhsayem

@ayasha-art in your and your brother's dream may be. Lol 😂😂

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@mhossain just prove him wrong dear!

@mhossain please prove me wrong in your dream 😂😂

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Yeah I will , but 1 st gimme 1k $ then I can easily prove it not only champion leauge but also i will rank top 100 inshallah . 😁

Thak Bhaiya tumi Silver ei khelo 🙄 @mhossain

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Eta 100% TRUTH :D
They always get angry but forget btw very nice artwork

🙄 Thanks btw

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Thanks for reminds me of my childhood memories. Waiting for far more better comics story next time🙄

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apnio plz better kichu koren! 🙄

I am inspired 😂

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Thanks for showering your love to me 😍

Yeah,BDCOMMUNITY is very much helpfull.Without there support I may not be able to continue with steenit.

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Alhumdulillah 🙏 shune khushi holam!

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Really very good one apu, best of luck for your bright future.

Thank You so much Bhaiya. Truly I encourged a lot.

You are correct my friend... anything worth having takes some doing...yes
But what a wonderful feeling, to know you found what you were looking for yes?

I just found it, didn't get! 😢 Don't know it will be mine or not! Pray for me 🙏

Am glad,the dreams are coming through... Awesome concept all the way

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I will try to make more 😎

That's great

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