Do you want to win this original painting ? Why you better read ALL the post then..! ;-) - Une chance de gagner cette peinture est incluse dans ce post, il vaudrait mieux le lire entièrement en effet .. ;-)[ENG-FR]

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You have always and forever made the most unique and beautiful postcards.

What a wonderful way to infuse a little happiness around the world.

Thank you! Bisous! Bisous!

Upped and Steemed Tip!

Thank you my beautiful friend and melodious day.png

Bonjour Barbara! Quelle belle oeuvre d'art encore. Je ne vais pas tenter de la gagner, j'ai déjà été trop gâté ce weekend en recevant "She, and her bunny" en cadeau. :)

Mais je vais quand-même resteemer ton post pour le diffuser au maximum.

Une très bonne soirée à toi, chère amie! 😃

Haha ! oui c'est mieux de laisser leur chance à d'autres .. ;-) Merci mon cher et une belle soirée à toi et tous les tiens !
...ah oui au fait en parlant des tiens, Emmeli est avec Luigi ici à nouveau ^_^

I join the giveaway :D

Welcome aboard Anna !catgirl.png

love all the beautiful details and as always so fun and colorful tip!

skating.pngThank you dear JJ ^_^

Your contest was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (19.02-25.02): Win free SBD and STEEM
Thank you @barbara-orenya for giving Steemians a chance to win a postcard :)

thankyou.png also much to you for making a great work of compilation @artz ;-)

Dear Barbara!
We know each other from another life called Tsu and I've always admired your work. What I love the most about your art is that it's unique, your characters are so funny and cute. The other thing I love about your art is the colors. You use colors that are pleasant to the eye.
I would be more than happy to win this postcard and have a fantastic memory from you.
I'm learning to draw although I have no talent, and you're an inspiration for me. Always happy to see your work!
So keep up the good work and lead the way :))

Flattery will get you everywhere, my dear LoLminuscule.png
I wish you good luck ! ^_^

Thank you!

Epectacular, I love your creativity and you give me great ideas to strengthen my work of recycling notebooks ... that's why I think this publication deserves that many more see the work. Congratulations!

I'm really glad I discovered this post. I really like your art a lot. I hope I win. 😎

Thanks ;-) you are in the race ^_^

This very nice art i appreciate your drawing thanks for sharingthis post..Best of luck..

I would love to have one of your pieces of art. you know I have always admired them as I have told you many times before! anyways even if you don't choose me to win it here is a tip! because i love your work!

Thank you dear and participation validated ^_^

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Wow... this great art, i appreciate this challenge. keep it up

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Thanks a lot ;-)

I would absolutely LOVE to win this awesome little painting! It truly is a great piece of work! Upvoted and resteemed! <3

You are in @smylie2005 ;-) Good luck !christmas cat.png

Awesome! Thanks :)

What a beautiful post card.

I’m a mail art fan and would love to liven up my mailbox with it.

I’ve re-streamed :)

It seems it didn't work when you resteemed... ;-) Try again and
your participation will be validated like by magic ^_^ armandinversé.png

I really would love to have one of your pieces :)

Release the Kraken! You got a 61.22% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @barbara-orenya!

Je viens de te découvrir ! Tu fais ça de métier ? Ça t'a pris beaucoup de temps ? En tous cas j'aime beaucoup le style ! ( Je n'y connais pas grand chose mais ça m'intrigue ! Surtout la matière en fait ). Je ne vais pas le cacher , c'est le giveway qui m'a fait cliquer , mais c'est l'article et l'initiative que j'aime ! Je ne suis pas le plus méritant de ta communauté mais ça me ferai bien plaisir de le gagner !

Tu es dans la course bien sûr.. et peu importe le "mérite" ;-)
Je ne sais pas si c'est un métier, mais cela occupe 90 % de ma vie, et me rapporte une abondance de joie (un peu d'argent aussi ^_^)

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He wants to participate the mister Pixu..? ^_^

Je pense que nous avons tous compris qu'il veut juste faire sa pub avec un spam bot, c'est dommage ... Et je pense que ce n'est que le début du spamming sur steem lol

Sinon bel art que je vois là :-)

merci pour "le bel art" ;-)
Non non, je connais bien @pixresteemer et ce n'est pas un robot, même s'il se comporte comme tel =) Il y a une vraie personne derrière et en plus il fait un gros travail de mise en valeur des posts avec un #dailyspotlights , c'est pour cela qu'il répond rarement aux commentaires ;-)

Ah, oki, c'est vrai que sa méthode rappelle celle des bots auto :-)

That birdie girl is full of life! Congratulations my dear Barbara!

Thank you my dear !

Your post card is absolutely adorable as always. So sweet to share your heartfelt creation with someone. ;-)

Thank you very much for your your sweet comment and appreciation my dear ! ^_^

chattigre.pngHave a great day !

Hi @barbara-orenya, I didn't quite know what to write in the comments after looking at your lovely painting and the contest. But it did give me this strange and interesting idea of swapping artworks between artists on Steemit, and if you did pick me as the winner than I will probably write a post about this and kick off this idea.

Just so you know what you're up for, I make miniature origami cranes from flower petals, which may not sound like much but I am the only one who does this as far as I know:

it's all the more a good idea that I was thinking to organize a swap after this give away, but didn't want to write about it in this post, as it is never so good, in my experience, to give too much informations that end up to make people feel lost (or that they will not read..LoL)

  • first you are validated for this give away ;-)
  • second, I'm going to have a look to your interesting is your natural origami !?^_^ It sounds like a cute, skilled projekt !
  • let's keep in touch for a swap ! ^_^

We do share one thing in common in this instance by having something that is smaller than usual. I don't think it is unusual for origami models to be small, but making something small with a fragile material is where the challenge lies!

If you do get around to writing that post for a swap I will be keeping an eye out for it :)

Coucou Barbara, C'est une excellente initiative. Alors voilà, je t'informe de mon envie de gagner cette jolie création.
Dans tous les cas, j'emporte avec moi ce post pour qu'il égaie par ses couleurs ma page.
Bonne journée :)

Merci et ta participation est validée ! Bonne chance ma Belle !

Yes, but you need to delete your comment first ;)

done, can you edit and delete gif please ?^_^

Ahh, you need to delete this one too, lol.

Haha ! but I don't understand why I 'd had to delete my comment in order for you to edit yours...If I can edit my comment, you sure can do the same, can't you..?

I know it's weird! I can't edit comment if it was added by bot :(

Ok let's give up for the sake of sanity =D
but write please in your blacklist that you can avoid this gif with me, I really do not enjoy scrolling on it, too much violence for me, yes, even if it's a cartoon or whatever...I know you find me weird, and I confirm I am LoLminuscule.png

It is lovely! I already love the postcards and bookmarks that I have, so I am sending good wishes to whoever wins this one!!

This is so nice of you my dear ^_^ hedgehug1.png

Yes trop bonne initiative ! J'ai découvert ton compte d'artiste grâce à ton compagnon le gnome, c'est donc tout récent. Et j'avoue que j'aime beaucoup ton art. Donc je participe avec grand plaisir :)

Tu es validé Coco ^_^LoLminuscule.png

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Just discovered you from another resteem and BOY AM I HAPPY! This is some very nice eye candy! Excuse me while I indulge! (I have desire to receive your art!)

Ooh this is always nice to ear ;-) You are participating to the give away ^_^

As always, lovely work @barbara-orenya :)

Thank you Denise ! cheerful day.png

Oooooooh, Barbara! PLEASE enter me into the giveaway! This little creation is utterly gorgeous and I promise that if she comes to live with me (a curly-haired girl who is obsessed with birds!) she will be treasured and given pride of place in my home <3 It's very generous of you to gift her to a lucky Steemian: she and her companions are so adorable I don't think i could part with her if I'd painted her :D <3 Jay xx

Sorry for my late response Jay, you are however validated for the give away ;-)
a winner annoucement will be posted later in the day ^_^

Have acheerfulday.png

Yay!! Thank you, Barbara! Lots of love from England 💝💝💝 Jay xx