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Moi je conseillerais de vous abonner pour ne plus jamais passer à coté.. ;-)
J'dis ça, j'dis rien LoLminuscule.png

This bunny is beautiful my dear Barbara!

Artikel yang bagus dan sudah kami upvote.. 😏

Hello @barbara-orenya🤗🎈🤗🎈🤗
Beautiful art....and so colorful....🎨🖼🎈
Thanks for sharing....🌱🌻🌷🌼💐🏵🌹

And also thank you coz I resteem it.....

yes spring time!!! good work. . cute art and excellent colours. ....

I'm in love with your drawings. :)

I love your art. It is always so fun and whimsical.

lovesender.pngThank you ! ^_^

Le printemps était là aujourd'hui avec ton beau lapin de Pâques. J'ai vu ma 1ère hirondelle, le soleil, des coucous, des violettes, alors c'est sûr, ça y est, il est là et on ne va pas le laisser partir.

Ouiiiiii ! Tiens le bien Brigitte, faut pas qu'il nous échappe !! ^_^gleeful minuscule.png

Et zut, je l'ai lâché!
Trop dur à retenir!

Ah je me disais aussi ... ! La pluie est revenue ;-)

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)

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He does make me smile, as long as he stays away from my garden!

Hello little bunny, hello Barbara 🐰😊🐇
I like it 😊

Hello Lovelie ! ^_^oiseau ballons.png we are ready for picking some chocolate eggs, are you coming with us ..?

Hello wonkie and birdie :) I'm in, I wouldn't miss it 😉
These are always making me smile 😊
Thank you Barbara!

What a delightful little bunny @barbara-orenya I have to admit, I am very envious of those glamorous eye lashes. Do you think your bunny would be happy to share her beauty secrets with me?

I think he would give you all his secret for a yummy carrot ;-)

Sharing this beauty secret deserves a bag of carrots 🥕🥕🥕🥕 And a big hug. 💖💖💖💖

Bunny is so cute. Especially now when Easter is so soon he would be very busy ;)

Indeed ! ;-) Hope you had a wonderful Easter Time my sweet friend ^_^

We had very good time. Some meditation on the beach. ❤️ I hope your Easter was good too :-)

Oh yes, not doing something special on easter but enjoying it like all other days ^_^

Bonjour !

J'arrive ici par @francosteemvotes.

Et j'aime beaucoup votre choix de toutes ces couleurs vives.

Je trouve ça gai, joyeux, vivant...

Tout ce que j'aime.


Awwww... You bring Springtime with your paintings every time... everywhere...! A bunny with a heart-shaped fuzzy pink nose!! What more could Spring want...?? 🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇🌼🐇

Bunneh <3 <3 <3