How To Draw Jamie Foxx:Portrait Tutorial #12

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Welcome To Portrait Tutorial #12!

If your looking to hone your artistic ability, check out how a fellow artist works his pieces or even just appreciate looking at the process of art, you are in THE RIGHT PLACE!

Todays Subject: Jamie Foxx

"If I were an animal, I would be an eagle"

redone size.jpg

Drawing Duration: 15 hours over 3 days

I have been finding so much solace and joy through the process of creating these art pieces. I'm increasingly creating more and more, constantly trying to accomplish better results. Todays art tutorial is a little bit more detailed and complex, however I will still do my best to talk you through what I am doing in each phase of the project. I created this in such a way so each picture is showing the progression through simple shapes and forms. I hope you will take away from this multiple different techniques and methods to achieve these kinds of results.

Reference Image


Starting a piece I always try and find the simplest shape I can recreate first. Thinking to big scale and getting ahead of your self can be over whelming. Look at the organic triangle on it's side you see the right eye make. Draw that.


Add in the little spec of white on the other side of the iris creating the width of it.


Connect these lines to create the organic shape of his eye.


Use this same method of finding the simple shape within the eye for the left side. For the majority of art pieces the general rule of thumb is there is about one eye width in-between , how ever Jamie Foxx is the exception. There is actually slightly more then one eye width in-between. Measure out about a 1 and 1/4 eye width gap.


Block in the general shape the nose makes just to get the right positioning. This method helps speed up drawing as well increase end products likeness and accuracy.


Then spend the time to draw in the organic shape of the nose over your blocked in positioning.


Here I draw in the shape in-between the eyes and eyebrows.


And now bring together the entire eyebrow shape.


Add a ball on the bottom of his lips to find the right mass for his chin, and add lines on the side of face to border the head shape and angle.


Connect the chin


Add the rectangular forehead shape


And now the ears and top of hair .


Here I add lines separating the lightest and darkest areas of his face.


Now to recreate his jacket. Don't add a line for the far right side of his collar for the lighting is so white in reference image that it actually blends in with the white background.




Draw the dots on his tie and the separation lines from the darkest and lightest shaded areas of the tie lighting.


Now the shading begins. Go into the darkest areas of his face and start to deepen the tones. start light and build your way up for smooth transition to other levels of shading and rich texture.


To capture the gradient of tone range on his hair. It goes from a deep black with no light to slight glimmers getting lighter as you go right. Start with a pure black then as your move right start to make very close circles getting further and further and further apart as it gets lighter. This will achieve the slight white glimmers of light that appear in reference image.


I know that the top of his eyes will be one of the darkest areas on the portrait so I go ahead and establish the shade right away so I can reference adjacent tone level.


Start to shade in the second level of lighter tones and blending the two levels smoothly together.


Continue doing this until you have a natural looking transition of lighting on his face.



Smooth all shading out so there isn't much of a hard transition from one level to the next.


Start to bring his jacket shade to a deep black doing the same as we did with the deepest face shadows. Start light and move your way to a higher B level pencil till its a pure black.


For the tie there is a slight shining of light on the middle part so start to deepen the tones on the outer rim first, Get this a nice dark tone and then use another pencil about one grade lighter to shade in the middle smooth over the whole tie to get a nice even looking gradient.



The last step is making sure everything is well blended and try and deepen the dark tones a little bit more for a higher contrast and more natural look.

Finished Art piece!

redone size.jpg

Thank you for joining me for Portrait Tutorial #12!

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You really inspired me sir of doing an artwork and i really want to draw like you, maybe not this time coz i don't have enough drawing materials to draw but soon if i have those stuff I will do it like yours, thank you for showing us your talent sir that's really mades me inspired!

That makes me smile! I am so happy I have inspired you. Art is such a great expression of the soul.

Yeah sir i agree with that.. not just our soul but also our life, I'm doing art not to impressed people but to share what my mind thinking about the things that they don't know.

you are such an inspiration!!!!!!! upvoted and resteemed

omg :) your kindness is much appreciated. Followed and up voted your comment


Only 15 hours! Wow!

lol one way to look at it xD

Thanks a lot friend for sharing such an impressive technique of drawing a portrait... I have not any idea about portrait drawing, though I am very excited to show this episode of art tutorial to my younger sister because she is very much interested in drawing portrait... I hope it will help her to grow up.. Again thanks friend! Expect more from you such type of portrait tutorial.

Fantastic! I am glad you liked the post. I will surely have lots to come so make sure to follow.

Okay! Thank you

Wow! Nice work! Your drawings are mesmerizing.

Thank you @teamsteem I want you to know that your support has encouraged the creation of this art piece and incentivized the hard work and time spent on this and many others. Expect lots more to come!

Damn that is amazing! It is also a great tutorial on how it is done, helpful if I ever wanted to try drawing again myself. This earns the upvote, resteem and follow!

Thanks! I'm glad you appreciate the tutorial as well.

You're welcome.

Talk about photorealisic. That is freaking amazing!

Thanks! means a lot.

Speaking of which, do you have your own website that showcase and sell your collection?

Sadly not as of yet, Maybe in the future. Right now I just sell to family, friends and through my social media. You can add me on Twitter @samwaysgraphics and Instagram at @b_.f._s

You're welcome!


incredible talent, I dont care much for jamie fox but your drawing skills and online documentation activities are amazing!!
This takes TONS of work to create BOTH the drawing in paper for which you have AMAZING talent and putting all this online also takes A LOT OF WORK..... I know... this is amazing, I appreciate the time you took for all this in this post.


Can you please share how do you consider and select which artist you will draw?

Thank you for your comment. It most certainly does take a lot of work to create one post I appreciate the recognition. This took me a 3 days for this one post. As for how do I pick my subjects. Simply the inspiration I have been given by the artist like the one before this @jerrybanfield he supported me from the beginning of my Steemit career inspiring me to re-create him, and this one... well I had just watched Django Unchained and personally think Jamie Foxx is a spectacular human being. He sings, he writes comedy and he is an amazing actor. I am inspired through life to create my art.

yeah he is cool , thats for sure and that movie is good, thanks for sharing

Mann your realism technique is so impressive, keep the work coming! i really love it

Thanks for your support! I most certainly will be. Glad you enjoyed

Very good job sir ^ ^
Love it <3

Searching to learn how to draw, I also came across your post, which I find very useful. I'm also a beginner and i want to improve my skills. Thank you for this :)

that is so amazing to hear!

are you a master of drawing

I am still forever learning. How ever I hope through these posts an entire community can all grow and learn together, in this blockchain blogging journey I have started here!

I love seeing the progression, but I totally could never do what you do even with step-by-step instructions! Awesome work!

haha thanks for stopping by and checking it out! this one for sure is a little more difficult. an easier one I done might be the chance the rapper or Angalina Jolie.

Those look great too! How did you learn this? Did you develop these techniques yourself, or did you go to school for art and learned it there?

a mix of both, I didn't necessarily learn to draw in college. But my creative skills were hones through my studies of 3d animation for games and visual effects. I learned foreshortening and negative space and how to think in 3 dimensions. I have also been drawing since I was 10 years old

Cool! I used to draw and paint in high school, but decided to focus on music and haven't done any visual art since then. Maybe someday I'll get back to it if I ever get bored with music LOL

Amazing,, I like it. a great art, you are a professional painter, I admire your paintings, I will try to imitate you, I want to see, if my fingers can be as beautiful as your fingers in painting.

Thanks for sharing.

Great drawing, @barrysamways
You have some talent, man. Keep up the good work.

Very..very cool :)

Waooo its amazing. I like this draw. Excelent.

wooow so nice !!

nice artwork
kindly tell me the kinds and list of pencil i need

Just your standard pencil set ranging from 2h to 6b

whoa! its like a black and white picture! amazing talent! respect!

thanks so much !

simply amazing! I love your portraits. thanks for sharing all the steps :D

What a great brother! you should see mine too

A really technical job! I really like the game of shadows and lights! If you want to take a look at my blog I also draw!

Very nice manual!Thank you!


Being a former art student, your post has brought back memories of me trying my best to be one of the tops students in my university. People like you inspired me then to push my limits and give the best shot I got. I somehow did it, graduated University, moved on with my life and started working in another field.

To be honest, deep inside I knew I have failed miserably, mostly because of my procrastination, but lately, I've been lurking on your page and lo and behold, I got an itch for drawing again. So I might just do that and pray to all the gods, I won't be so harsh with myself this time.

@barrysamways Thank you for inspiring me and others that appreciated what you do!

Looking forward to your future posts.