03.09.2018 : Acrylic Pour #2

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Pretty much the same colours as the first pour but I used a different technique for this one.

This is a dirty pour.
A dirty pour is when you pour all the paint in a cup and then pour it on the canvas.

The other video was a direct pour.
A direct pour is when you pour all the paint directly on to the canvas.

These two are slightly different from my first video where I filled in a tube and then lifted it. I dont actually know what that technique is called. I just saw someone from YouTube do it and I thought why not? It's actually now my preferred method of pouring as I seem to always like what comes out from it.

This one didn't really turn out so good one of the reasons I don't like dirty pours - I haven't mastered it yet.

Also.. If you've been watching my videos you may have noticed the grubby foil I've got my canvases on. Yup, that baby has been going since last week and it'll stay there until I rip the foil.

Peoples! There is no need for mother nature to suffer for our art.

Acrylic pouring is dirty business and there are a lot of cups (plastic) involved so if you are like me and you too are using plastic cups, please throw them in a tub to soak overnight and wash them the next day instead of throwing it away.

The environment thanks you.

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You have a creative mind @bearone. I have a soft part for good work of art. Keep it up bro

Nice video!

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