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'Pears and Grapes'

.......original water colour and photographs by @bleujay; presented with permission by bentleycapital.

Close-Up of Finished Water Colour

Finished Work

Transition Stages

Water Colour Paint Tray

Original Sketch

Original Model Photograph

'Pears and Grapes'

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For those interested in the details......

Sometimes a photograph will capture the interest of an artist as if it were holding a placard saying 'Paint Me'.  It seems this photograph did just that.  

The process went from the photograph to a sketch, then tracing the important shapes onto drawing paper and then onto a sheet of Water Colour paper all the while editing with painting it in mind......note the addition of the diagonal lines in order to bring interest to the negative shape left by the subject matter.

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a variety of healthy fresh fruit, great artwork @bentleycapital

Thank you very much.


Wow, it's really an excellent watercolors, @bleujay ! Those pears and the grapes are really well done! Thanks for share ^_^

Hi ya dear @silviabeneforti,

Appreciate you dropping by.

Very happy to hear your kind enthusiastic words regarding the work.

Wishing you and yours a lovely week. ^__^

A binetot!

Now that's a watercolor paint tray!! I love watercolours. It's such an expressive medium. And the only one I have ever dabbled in.

Love the highlights/gloss of the grapes!

Hi ya @meesterboom,

Apprecite you stopping by.

So happy to hear you enjoyed the post......thank you for your kind words.

This is a relatively new tray....the others are not so presentable.. ^__^

You are correct....it is amazing how many different ways they can be used for effect for one's own expression.

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Amazing watercolor painting @bleujay! I didn't know that you are such a good artist:)

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Greetings olgy-art,

You are too kind. Your visit is very much appreciated.

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NB Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork.....keep them coming. ^__^

Wow, I love that @bleujay! Such beautiful painting, you have created nicely layered colors, that give the impression of three-dimensional objects. love those grapes, the combination grapes and pears match good together. I remember from your previous post, you showed the watercolor that you bought. You made a good choice the intensity of colors amazing.! Thank you for sharing your work and wish you a nice week :)

Greetings @stef1,

Thank you for your lovely artistic complimentary words.....appreciate you stopping by for a cuppa.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the artwork.

Have you heard of the artist Shirley Trevena? Her work is mostly WC. Her book 'Taking Risks with Watercolour' is fascinating.

Thank you for your kind wishes......here's wishing you a lovely week. ^__^


Thank you @bleujay for advice, I definitely read Shirley Trevena's book. I still feel that there are much I have to learn and that book may have some tricks and tips for me. I wish you a nice day, till next time...

세련된 솜씨로 잘 표현된 그림 참 멋져요

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Marvelous artwork of "Pears and Grapes" from great artist @bleujay! I personally love water color painting, I think, it makes the drawing more vivid and refreshed. And @bleujay did it well!

Um! I can imagine when this photograph said "Paint Me"..... Good explanation! And it's great inspiration for me!

Great work, as always!

Wishing you and your family a beautiful day! ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the painting.....thank you for your lovely comment!

Appreciate you stopping by.....as always.

Thank you for your kind wishes.....here's wishing you and yours all the best. ^__^


It's always my great pleasure!

Many thanks for your kind wishes. All the best to you and yours! ;))