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Hello @shaka, #LMAC Community and other Collage lovers on Hive,

This time I made a mythic creature for collage contest. Sometimes I use this cloning and mirroring technique. It is not easy to make collages with touristic photos every time. Glad that this kind of art genre can accept many artistic styles.

Art and creativity is really limitless. Once I invented "Oops Art" genre.

What it means?

It is a creative style that you make it mistakenly or accidentally. For example, accidentally dropping a flower pot from your hand to the exhibition floor or accidentally pouring your coffee on a paper and exhibiting it. Most important point is to make it mistakenly or accidentally and in end that you can say "Oops I made it, pardon me." I think It's the best art genre of 21st. Because everything you made with your consciousness is a propaganda or advertisement campaign. It will just serve the ones before you. I think I have been get close to the Dadaists with this discourse. I don't have a big obsession about these idea. Maybe it is a stupid manifestation. Hope you understood what I mean. Hail blockchain =P

Whatever, let you watch my latest collage that I made for contest.


I made this digital collage with Adobe Photoshop. (Sorry I know to use this tool. I just write the software for your information. There is tons of apps you can make these.)You can see working progress from below:

This time I just used @shaka's image

Hope you enjoy,
Thanks for interest.

You can get information about and participate Let's Make a Collage #39 Contest by @shaka from link:

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