I was accepted by Merch by Amazon.

in #art4 years ago

Hello my Steemit friends,

So after almost 6 months of waiting I was finally accepted by Merch by Amazon.
One of my passions is making digital art and custom made items. I hope to do very well on Merch.
Right now I can have 10 products live so making a decision on what to put on Amazon is very stressful lol.

Well it's cool seeing my items on Amazon's website. If anyone has any tips on how I should promote my T-Shirt i would love to hear them. If you are interested in any of my shirts feel free to go to Amazon and make a purchase you would be helping
a new entrepreneur out :)

Please share this post and help out a new Designer. All shirts come in multiple colors and are
for Men,women, and children <-- Most shirts.




More t-Shirts to come, follow me and send a message.