My Art Journey : 2009 - 2018

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Happy Sunday everyone!
This week I was working on so many drawings but I can't continue them, I felt uninspired and unmotivated... This happens to me like all the time, so don't worry. But I always find a way to make myself feel better and if sometimes nothing helps, I accept the fact it's just a bad day... But today... :D
Today, I thought I found my old drawings and sketchbooks... and oh - my - god!
Actually, if not my mother, I never found it. So a big big thanks to her. Mwah!
I'm going to say, I never felt more inspired! But really! :D I laughed soooo so much and just.. aaaah! I feel so cringey and embarrassed, but I need to show you guys my art journey! The stuggles and the hard work too...
What you'll see here and now, I'm sure you're not ready for! I mean, I wasn't ready either. Haha!
I know, we all start somewhere, but seeing how much I learnt... I, myself can't believe I improved this much as an self-taught artist.
And if you someone who follows my blog daily, you know how many times I say 'keep practising and never give up'. You'll see why I say this, even it's boring and annoying.
If you ever feel down and uninspired, and you feel you can't contiue, just come back here, see how much I struggled too, 'cause I sure did, and I hope you will feel a bit better and maybe inspired again. :)
I don't really want to say more. Let's start with 2009... I mean, I always drew, like others, but I remember that year I wanted to draw more and take drawing 'seriously', 'cause I remember, I decided - 'Someday, I will draw just as good as my art teacher!' :'D She really inspired me back then...


The only drawing I found from that year is this little drawing... But it's enough to show how I really drew when I was 13 years old. Yep.



I don't even know what to add here, I was having such great time with graphite pencil drawings, and I continued doing them, after I saw how bad I'm using colored pencils. The end of the year I really fell in love with Bruno's music. I was a realy big fan, so I drew him so many times. Haha. Also that realistic drawing of him omg... :'D But I was so proud, okay?:D



I didn't do any big pieces, as you can see. Just doodles and I kept practising... Figuring out how and what I want really.



I didn't give up on colored pencils, even tho I knew it wasn't that good.



I really struggled, I wanted to use colored pencils, but I bought so many graphite pencils instead, and I kept practising portraits with them.
Adding much more detail and trying to do more realistic pieces.



Juny 16, 2014 - When I registered to insta and started posting my 'better quality' drawings.
I was so happy and inspired back then... ahaha. :D That time I drew so so much.





I kept doing what I was doing, keep practising and using ink and watercolor too.





My first art camp exerience... my first oil and acrylic painting ever... What a great year!
The end of the year I bought my first two set of Polycolor colored pencils. I always loved colored pencil drawings. I couldn't give up on that... Buying those sets was one of the best decisions of my life. :')




The end of the year I found about this amazing site... And that was just beginning. It really was.
I met the nicest people here, I learnt again much more! Since that, there wasn't a week that I didn't draw, but before that I remember I didn't draw for months... But that's the past now, and I only look foward and I will keep work much much more harder. :')






Please don't give up on what you love to do.
I mentioned, that someone told me not to draw with colored drawings, because it's wasn't good at all. And what did I do? I didn't stop. I was believing in myself and kept working much more harder than I used to, and here I'm now.
I keep putting more and more to my drawings, and I will continue do that.
Hope this inspired you too and you'll do your best too!
Fighting! <3





The last two drawings I'm the most proud of! I put so so much detail to them... and all the energy and patience...
Thank you Steemains for believing me and supporting me! This means to world to me! Thank you!!! <3

I hope you like it! Can't wait to share more!

Please keep supporting me, I'm trying my best to reply to your sweet comments as soon as I can. Also, comment if you upvote, so I can do the same to you! Thank you! :)

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'Till my next post...
Stay safe! xx



This is really great! My daughter enjoys drawing too and I encourage her to keep doing her passion. Thank you for sharing your art!

Thank you so so much! :) Yes, tell her to keep doing what she's doing, I'm sure she's talented, so she'll keep improving thru the years too! :)

She's really talented! In just 2 months her artwork really leveled up and she's only 9! She nagged me for 2months to make this channel for her. Enjoy!

Excellent! we artists evolve with practice. You are a great artist.

That's right! Thank you so much! :)

Practices (or we can call doing our hobbies apecially drawing) build up an artist over time. This is the real tressure of an artist second to the amazing works. Wjat an improvement! I wish I could also be like that

Thank you! :)
Yes you can! Hey, if I did it, you can too! :) Don't forget that.

SERIOUSLY!! I was really inspired by you😭 9 years is a long long way for that. huhu I wanna share this to facebook

Hi!! Nice to see you here! :) Thank you! :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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I'm also so happy to see ur progress...
So proudfull journey..
Keep it up....👌✌👍

I resteem it