Rearing Horse Installed at Burning Man Daytime Pictures

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Greetings Fellow Humans,

Those who have been following my posts on here are probably aware I spent the summer building a large mechanical horse for Burning Man 2018. For your viewing pleasure, here are some daytime pictures of Rearing Horse installed at Burning Man.


20180825-_81D5482-Edit (1).jpg



These pictures were taken by Kendrick Moholt Photography. Rearing Horse was made possible in part by a grant from Burning Man Arts.

Thanks for reading.


Absolutely stunning. Congratulations on the completion of a such a huge and lengthy project.

Thank you! There are still some things to do, but it is more or less what it is going to be.

Congratulations on finishing it! I somehow missed most of the updates. But I was following it from the beginning.

Thanks! There will be some changes coming in the next few months, but it was done enough!

I love this spectacular horse ! And it looks so at home at Burning Man :D

You are really amazing with these metalcrafts, I would like to see more posts from you, @captainyeeha <3

Really an amazing and fabulous of the project. This mechanical horse looks ready to strike.

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I'm glad you like it!

Yes i like it. Is this a contest?

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Not that I know of.

Ah ok. I thought it was a contest as well. Happy New Year!!

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Cool! Thanks.

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