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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Hi @xpilar Is think this is an abstract painting that is very extraordinary and contains a meaning that is difficult to translate.

This multidimensional abstract painting in my eyes, there is one meaning that happens to the earth that we live in. In the picture above, it appears that the earth beneath it has a buffer so that it can survive the destruction Whereas in the picture on the left and right side there are two wings which are painted abstractly which tell as if the earth will fly far into the blue sky.

This is the reality and condition of the earth today if we are able to keep it, the earth will continue to survive and we can live forever on this earth and if this earth cannot survive then destruction will arrive.

That is the message illustrated in this extraordinary abstract painting. it could be that my judgment was wrong but in my eyes it was what was depicted from this extraordinary abstract painting.

Really, this is a very good painting.


Hi @catataniranda

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

Thank you @xpilar. I'm happy if you like it