Ultraviolet Blacklight Shoot with Avery

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Hey Steemit Community.
Meet Avery, Sydney based aspiring alternative/pinup model, DJ and tradie (from memory).
She reached out to one of my posts searching for models for some creative collaboration and being fairly close by we just got together one night to see what we could create. We took on ideas from Hannahs shoot as a starting point.

We mostly played around viscosities by mixing various amounts of water with fluro paint in a bottle. I did a little bit of airbrushing work on her with stencils but overall we just played with lots of paint. For her hair I sprayed some neon colour hairspray which worked a treat. I guess There's a a sensual element in the images but with all the paint it maybe only skims the NSFW rating.

The lighting used is royal blue 450nm LED's and about 600watts worth and using an inflatable kids pool with black plastic sheeting as the base.

The blue shift in colour is more of a photoshop/lightoom HSL - Hue Saturation Luminosity shift to play with colours a little more that would otherwise be red. Under 365nm we don't encounter this issue but we do get much weaker light output.

Camera Equipment

I photographed this project using my trusty but old Canon 5DmIII and swapping between 100mm Macro 2.8L IS and 70-200mm 2.8L IS with Yellow correction filter.








These personal creative shoots are always self funded projects I do for the sake of creating some new art and challenging myself technically and creatively to improve as a photographer/artist. This doesn't come easy with all the burdens that come with trying to make an income in the creative industries so always appreciate the help, support and feedback from others. Always appreciate recommendations to potential commercial clients or sponsors to continue working in this industry and keep these creative projects alive.

Cheers Chris



I love the meshing of colors, its great you can get all of them to provide fluorescence. Ive stuck with plants and flowers, but I think I should play with paints and powders too.

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