Sleepy Lips on this long morning

in #art5 years ago

Watercolor on paper.
Good morning steemit :)
Mouth and nose laying on a pillow in sleep. The nose would be more slumped into the pillow if I didn't sleep on my arm (which elevates my face a bit). A slightly more alert state..
Definitely going to explore concepts of sleep in the near future- if not directly painting the face of sleep then for sure in more obscure ways. Lately sleep has been an entrance to another world, making me question the definition of "real". Dreams have been pushing me to consider the reality of it all. A fleeting, strange world where I can fly sometimes. It feels so real in the moment, to acknowledge your body is sleeping but yet here you are in another form, communicating with others and exploring. Properties of the waking earth don't apply always, but it's still similar. Worlds inside the mind...
To conclude, lucid dreaming is inspiring many pages in my sketchbook!


Love it. Your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary!
Maybe you'll find this an interesting read on the subject

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