Quarantine Life and Kids

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Hi Friends,


Seems like Corona CoVid-19 virus infected cases have come down considerably in US with just 300+ new cases as compared to close to 34K cases yesterday.
Even in the other countries also, the infected cases have come down at very huge rate.

May be it's just that it's around 6 AM in US while I am writing this and the number of cases may increase, but still, looks like the cases have come down.

The Total infected cases across the world has gone above 100K in number as per the details here

Well, this Corona Virus is making all of us to lockdown ourselves to reduce the spreading and we have already seen many coming up with their own blogs about Quarantine life in response to @theycallmedan and other's initiatives.

Here I would like to write about the quarantine life with our kids(including my nephew) and how we are trying to control them from going out.

We all know how it will be to keep the kids away from going or playing or even cycling and all, but we are forced to do that!!!

We also want them to not watch TV too much and not play on mobile.

I would like to provide the details of the art work carried out by my elder son(7 years old) and my nephew(9 years old) and the work includes drawing of Rubble, one of the pups in Paw Patrol comic show on Nickelodeon.

Two kids have drawn the same in their own way and I will share their drawing one by one.


First by my nephew, Girish:


He started with face of the pup:


Went on to fill the body to it with some straight and curved lines ;)


Then the legs and paws :)


Finishing touch with pencil before filling the color


Started with coloring, Blue and Brown although Rubble is mostly Yellowish.


Coloring continued...


And.. the finished product :)



My Son, Samarth's Drawing:


Same procedure, starting with head


The Body


Finishing with legs


Some finishing touch with naming and Art By....




Coloring the letters as well in his own way, my son is fond of drawing :)


And the finished masterpiece :)


And.. here are the artists with their works :)



These aren't that great, but definitely something good from kids of age 9 and 7 respectively, isn't it?

Moreover, this made them engaged in some learning for almost 2 hours and kept them away from those little quarrels :)

Thanks for going thru this blog. Please leave your comments and have a wonderful day :)


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