🎴New Creary.net update🎴

in #art2 years ago


🔁Added some new features and fixed some bugs:

- NSFW filter activated
Now you can filter the content that the author has marked as sexual or sensitive content. NSFW stands for Not safe/suitable for work.
In the settings section you can enable or disable this content and also use the warning option before opening it.

- Display Delegated CGY in the wallet
Now you can see the CREA Energy that has been delegated to your user account. Remember you can benefit from this CGY but you cannot de-energize it, since it belongs to the original owner.

- Create tags using #
When you write a comment or text in your posts you can create a link to a tag by adding the # symbol at the beginning of the word.

- Decline Rewards
Now you can see the users who decline rewards by clicking on the amount that their work has raised.