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Story of The Secret Dragon's Lair: @xpilar

After the planet Drenarick exploded it catapulted the egg of an ancient Dragon that is the father of all dragons in the known world.

Travelling from the long destroyed planet of origin, there it landed to the most inhospitable place between the vast oceans where no man had set foot into.

The dragon egg got embedded in the secret crevice of the distant rock island where it remained dormant for millions of years.

Until finally the mountain rock began to wake up enveloping the ancient egg with hot lava from the the earth's mantle activating the incubating needs of the egg and after weeks of a hot bask in the lava here emerges the dragon, the father of all dragons in the known old world which is ready to unleash terror to humanity, will wreck havoc, taking away gold and putting it in the cave of the desolate mountain island where it waits for someone to come by lured by the treasures with so it can devour their flesh and live a thousand years more.
The dragon's name was "The Dragon Of the steem" from the Death Mountain Rock.


Hi @cryptopie

"The Dragon of the Steem" from Death Mountain Rock.

Woow, thanks for a good story

You are very creative as well with you digital art @xpilar :)

thank you @cryptopie

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