..unknown char got eyes..

in #art3 years ago

..haven't been that much inspired but decided to at least give it a try and continue the unknown char based on The Binding Of Isaac char, Isaac.. (introduced here)

..well, it has a bit more detail, have eyes, tentacles(arms) and a bit of hair..

100_1972 steemit.JPG

..until now only a regular pencil (HB), a rollerball pen 'OfficeCover · Astro ø1.0 (black), some time to get the eyes filled and some lines with more detail.. ..on this paper sheets, XL Croquis schetsblok (90g/m²) almost full (mostly of crap xD), will have to get another I guess..

..will advance a bit more on this, maybe finish lines and try to decide which colours to use..

Love You all ❤,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in


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kkkkk! Cute!

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