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¡Hola @cyclonemool! Es increíble lo bien que quedo el dibujo, en el video parece que todo es muy fácil, pero sé que no es así ¿Qué programa usaste para hacer el dibujo?, veo que lo sabes usar muy bien, también eres muy bueno haciendo el video, cuéntame ¿Tu trabajo tiene que ver con videos? disculpa que te siga preguntando ¿Es tu primer voto Curie? Un fuerte abrazo en la distancia.

a través del traductor,
Pinté Photoshop y usé una tableta. El trabajo es pintar. en el desarrollo de juegos. La otra parte de la traducción fue extraña, pero gracias por su visita.

Gracias por responder, cariños y besos.

The steemit artists are extraordinary. Everyone has different qualities.
I congratulate you, your talent is phenomenal. Drawing faces is not easy at all. You made it look like it was a pre-school kids thing :))

Neither the best video game companies or special effects have managed to make the faces of their characters look "human" ... you did it with a drawing. That shows the superiority you have.

A museum worthy piece

Thank you very much. As I draw, I get praised for my detailed explanation. Although the details of drawing quickly are not very detailed, thank you again for your consideration.

Wow your illustration is incredible, the amount of details that you put to make it more realistic is amazing, you are wonderful doing what you do, you have left me speechless with your video, super great, a big hug @cyclonemool

I'm really happy if my painting was helpful. Please visit anytime. I visited your Steamit blog, and I admired your beautiful lines. Thank you

I will follow you to be attentive to your next publications

This is the first time I'm seeing a video of someone drawing, you did a nice job and that drawing came alive really!
Art is absolutely your calling. Lol
The face, the green hair, the tattoo and all of that came out well. Nice work

It's just a drawing, and I can only say thank you very much for being mentioned as a work. Thank you for your visit.

I really love these sped up videos :) It all looks so easy and fast while in reality you spend hours working on your illustration. What made you decide to paint him? I like how you worked on his face.. Especially when you were working on his nose and lips :)

Thank you for sharing!

He is a famous basketball player who everyone knows in Korea. He is an idol to someone in my day. I also enjoyed watching a movie called Double Team where he appeared. He was a memory in my memory, so I tried to draw it. Thank you for looking at the picture.

Thank you for the explanation. I will look him up to learn more about his career ;)

Incredible what the opportunity we have using digital tools we can create everything, portraits, landscape, cityscape just to recreate the beauty of our life in digital Art. Love the way you presented your drawing and it was a funny beginning of green hair, it is interesting that sometimes even in digital art we still follow the roles that we use in traditional art too. Great expression and really looks like in animation movie.

There seems to be a limit to expressing digitally, and there seems to be a wider area. Thank you for looking at my painting.

Very nice drawing of Dennis Rodman, @cyclonemool ! You captured him so nicely, that it is instantly recognizable ! Love your painting videos so much :D :D :D

Congrats for curie, also <3

Thank you so much for always visiting and adding comments. Always thanks :)
Smile in Korea = ^0^

haha! howdy cyclonemool! hey this is amazing to see happen right before me eyes, I have no idea how you do it even though I saw it! lol. How long did it take you to learn how to do this type of art? It's a wonderful piece and this is a wonderful post!

I worked as a painter for 20 to 30 years. So, unlike people these days, we use the method of drawing and grasping a picture. Thank you for taking a good look at me. I will try to draw a good picture from now on. Thank you.

howdy again sir cyclonemool! Well it is very evident that you are gifted at what you create so I thank you for sharing those with us and keep up the good work!

I think it's good to have someone to look after the picture. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

well howdy today cyclonemool! Yes it is, you are very welcome and keep up the good work!