Great drawing from a great movie. You make it look easy but i'm sure a lot of time and effort went into it in real time to get it to that level.

How sweet is that! I loved all process.. it was amusing from the very beginning till the last strokes. I like how you created the eyes and her tiny nose.. her cute smile is adorable too. You put so much attention into her hair and it was worth it. It's beautiful. She is simply adorable!

I love the music too. It makes me move my head in the rhythm while watching :)

Thank you for sharing!

It is music that is cute character. After drawing the picture, I am thinking about what kind of music to write, but when I listen to the story, I think I have chosen it well. I wish you a happy day to see the cute girl picture. For your information, it is 1 a.m. in Korea. :)

You definitely did a great job with choosing the music :) It goes perfectly with the illustration..

You should have been sleeping then ;) I guess now it's around midnight :) here it's 4 PM

Hi cyclonemool,

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I really like watching you draw, you don't make much mistake if at all. I know the video is sped up but how long did you actually take to complete this one?
Congrats for your curie vote, cyclone ^_^.

It took me about 2 hours and 30 minutes to paint. You can also see real-time drawing on YouTube. However, real-time drawing will seem frustrating. Thank you ^^

She is my favourite character, and i really enjoyed watch how you draw her. Especially from the flat color until the final stage. It look so easy to draw out from your hand. If with me, it sure a totally mess. It look exactly similar to the Vanellope I saw. You refer her picture while drawing or just out from your imagination?

Because I draw several pictures, I open them on another monitor and draw them. I could capture the character's character by watching the real animation. Thank you for visiting.

Wow👏🏻 your memory must be like photostat machine, scan and draw.. 😊 I love to see your other character drawing if you post it 🤗

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That was quite a demo. Amazing process. I am also curious about the actual time it takes to complete a work like this one.
Would the program allow to "skip steps" or get to a level of resolution without having done certain things first?
I find it overwhelming the amount of options and tools.
Great work. Impecable.

It took two and a half hours to draw. It was an animated character, so I was lucky to draw it quickly. The picture was painted with Photoshop, and video editing was accelerated using a number of free tools. ~

Oooh wow!!

I love that you used photoshop in creating your drawing of princess vanellope! I have not tried drawing or sketching using the app. I have not yet learned how to do that.

Watching you draw her is one of my stress reliever. I kove watching one draws from scratch. It soooooo wicked!

Great job dude! ❤

Oh that you!!

I relieve my stress by drawing. It's always a drawing, but it's fun to draw.
While I'm doing YouTube, I'm more excited to see and enjoy my paintings. I hope you'll come and see me often.

Yes its true!

Its truly a comfort watching drawings from scratch till the end.

Ill be glad to be back and watch more!

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Really nice drawing of Princess Vanellope, @cyclonemool ! She looks happy and naughty, you captured her very well !!!

It is a really cute character. I really need to see Wreck-It Ralph this time. I hear you're having a lot of fun around here. Did VERYSPIDER see this animation?

I haven't seen the new one !!! But I want to, very much <3 Your drawing really makes me miss this Wreck-It Ralph !!

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Amazing job!!!
Congratulations for your artwork and your drawing skills. I like them.
Do you make portraits to Steemians too?
Thank you!!!😊👍

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great creative skills! all looks perfect from the colors, to the lights and shadows and details too, lucky you to be so talented thanks for sharing

Wow, that is really nice to see the process of your drawing. It was always a difficult part for me to use digital tools, although they offer such range of colors and that you can delete without destroying your canvas, you can remove the colors if you change your mind and want to use another color. I believe nowadays it is becoming more and more popular. The difficult part is to get used to those tools. Wonderfully done :)

very beautiful I am Venellope if you have time making drawings you leave me impressed in how you drew Venellope a lot of experience in each dentelles that you put on me when I see arts drawings paintings I always focus on the eyes. you are a blessing for the talent you share, hopefully one day you will paint me as I am God bless you @cyclonemool

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