3 Right Ways

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“If there’s only one Nation In The Sky, shouldn’t all passports be valid for it?”
-Yann Martel

For this one I used an 8B graphite, a No.2 pencil (my favorite), a straight-edge for line work and a paper stump for shading:

3 Right Ways

“Atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole world has no meaning, we would have never found out the world has no meaning.”
-C.S. lewis.

Line work.

“The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect my own is also.”
-Mark Twain.

Identifying the shadows.

“Religion is like a pair of shoes. Find one that fits for you but don’t make me wear your shoes.”
-George Carlin.

Darken shadows, start detailing sidewalk.

“Religion. It gives people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”
-Jon Stewart.

Cover image.

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I find a lot of posts to be a bit too lengthy...yours was quite the opposite. I enjoyed tbe quotes and it left me wanting more.Your artwork is amazing.

My man! Thank you so much for stopping by.

wow what an innovative mind i really loved this sketch of yours upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you for the confidence @tauseefkhan, I really appreciate it!

Busy week, it is a shame that i only logged now to aee this drawing. Great perspective view, I love it !

Busy is good, sir, I’m just glad it didn’t get lost in your feed. Thank you so much for stopping by. While doing this one, I got another idea for another wall-type scene. I ordered some paint markers for it and the mail lady just delivered them yesterday.
Edit: Happy Sunday!

The 3d effect has come out to be perfect. Loved it

Thank you for stopping by @sunnymalkani, always a pleasure to have you.

It really looks like there is a ridge in the paper where the curb is. Incredible work!

If I can keep you impressed, I’m winning! Muah!

Dear friend! Next time also use #artzone and follow @artzone to get an upvote on your quality posts!

And you didn’t upvote because...... ?

Well said @dandays

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