How I became a *Gold Digger* aka Glitter is the new Gold and how to apply it.

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Everyone has some hobbies and addictions.

Some may be weirder than others, some may be fun. One of my ways to express myself is to dress up and create a walking piece of art. Let's say I sometimes enjoy to shock people (in a good ways, when I get the opportunity). It also works as a therapy for me. It is not easy to be a cool mum, makeup artist, personal trainer and athlete. But it is fun, if you have the chance to combine all together.

In the first picture I covered myself and my two little boys in glitter and we joined the only Gold man in the world (Hermes Blitz). This was at the family friendly Wilderness Festival.

(Shiny! Me and my boys.)

How it all began

It is actually not a long time since I have discovered, that covering the whole body in glitter is not easy but a lot of fun. Yes, I am a makeup artist for over 10 years and yes I always loved glitter. You own little bit of glitter, put little here, little there... But the whole body?

I have to give a massive credit to this amazing Dancer and Performer, The Gold Man itself Hermes Blitz. You wouldn't be reading this if I never met him.
It is hardly a year when I was on my almost "typical" makeup job for a photoshoot. When Hermes Blitz came to me and asked me to cover him in gold glitter - I giggled. I have never actually covered anyone in glitter before! So, ashamed I had to ask him, what is the best way to do it. He pointed at the huge tube of vaseline and said: "First you need to cover me in vaseline. Make sure it is rubbed in well!" I think that was the first time I blushed on any makeup job. As you can see in the picture below I actually quite enjoyed it.

(rub, rub... excuse my tongue out ;p )

The next step was not simple at all. Although mind you, if you are planning to ever try this - do it at your own risk! The glitter will get everywhere. I mean everywhere! And you will probably find some glitter even half year later...
The best glitter to get is biodegradable grade. It is non toxic and if you use it outdoors, it does not harm the nature.
It comes as a loose glitter. Hermes Blitz had a large bag of glitter, probably about 500 grams (that is a lot!) and I literally rubbed hands full of glitter all over his body.

He told me that the best way to do it is to lay down on the floor, to prevent excessive loss of glitter.

(my friend Georgie rubbing gold)

And here it is nearly finished. Hermes Blitz accused me of being a Gold Digger. Haha! Depends what gold are you digging (or more likely rubbing). Right?

credit: Rob Voodoo Photography models: Helena Kuntz & Hermes Blitz

That is all for today ladies and gentlemen.

In my next post I will be talking about how I ran the Spartan Race covered in Glitter and still became top 10 in Female Elites!

Please leave comments if you have any questions and thank you for reading. be continued


You are having a glitter blast!

✨✨✨ absolutely! 😀

I will not show those pictures to my son. It is too risky he would like me to be fully glittered :)

Haha! @lemouth I think one time every kid should be covered in glitter and feel like a glitter superhero. And take lots of pictures!!! 💖

My big one would love it for sure. He is asking his mom to be supermanized / spidermanized all the time (which includes make up ) :p

Kids love it. My two boys have different dress up costumes and we do face painting when we have the time 😊

Glitter fetish ;-)

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