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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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It is very difficult to describe any elegant art design either in building or art which is why they are regards as Elegance because their expression is just too high to what a person define.. this a great design Snr. @xpilar really you keep showing us amazing things coz you are an amazing man too.

Let me describe this a bit with a funny story.. elegance is something beyond human compression, a man was at home relaxing after busy working week, looking outside from Windows seen a amazing division of colours, he came out of the house wih only boxer on forgetting to put on clothes so he could see this amazing nature before it fade away, he keep starring over and over couldn't resist it, few minutes later he barely could the nature again due to blockage from a giant tree in his compound, he rushed downstairs to continue appreciate this nature, when people see him they shouted wow!!! And this man realized his was only on short boxer early in the morning he covers uses his hands covers up the front and rear back inside hehehe... Very funny, when you see something you never see before, you will be amazing and almost forget yourself hehehe..

Your digital art is really great Snr, @xpilar thank for share with us..

Re-steemed your great work and excellent digital art skills..

Really appreciate your skills...


Hi @davidad

Thank you for your thoughts and description, I like it

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar

Glad you Liked what I described about your amazing digital art..

Hope you have a great today!!