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RE: 'More Tulips' ......from @bleujay's Skye Fleur Collection

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Cool tulips. I see the immediate imagery in the original photo. And of course, I have a DD interpretation. But don't want to insult the artist, by always coming up with something way off base in my interp. Though I suppose can't help it, just how the old chicken brain works. Which is obviously not good at keeping up, either. Somehow I missed this post. Too busy in summer doing chores, I guess. Though I'll vote your comment back. Cheers to a Monday in June.


Greetings @ddschteinn,

Appreciate you dropping by anytime......I am quite enthralled with what you have to say. ^__^

According to my training and how bleujay sees the role of the artist has a responsibility to step
back from the work and let the viewer experience the work from their own frame of reference, therefore I try not to name the work too artistically, ^__^ or direct the as to not get in the way of their experience of the work.

One produces the art as an expression and the other experiences the art from their capacity......and perhaps never the twain shall meet. It does not matter, such is the nature of art.

Thank you for dropping by for a cuppa.

Cheers! ....from bleujay......doing a bit of work in the garden myself.....
'Out Gardening' hehe

On a Tuesday,,,,,

Ah, yes, the interpretation of art. That is what makes it so special. You never know what will 'surface' in another's minds' eye. Always fascinating. I do like your idea of just letting it sit, without a guidance idea to the viewer. That leaves it more open to interpretation and flexing of the mental imagery muscles.
Here's to a cuppa on a too-late Tuesday night. I must head to bed. So it better be a cuppa water, or I shall stare at the ceiling till all hours. (Can you believe it, I've never actually drank a cup of coffee. How odd is that, eh?) Cheers.