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RE: Drawing Vanellope

in #art3 years ago

How sweet is that! I loved all process.. it was amusing from the very beginning till the last strokes. I like how you created the eyes and her tiny nose.. her cute smile is adorable too. You put so much attention into her hair and it was worth it. It's beautiful. She is simply adorable!

I love the music too. It makes me move my head in the rhythm while watching :)

Thank you for sharing!


It is music that is cute character. After drawing the picture, I am thinking about what kind of music to write, but when I listen to the story, I think I have chosen it well. I wish you a happy day to see the cute girl picture. For your information, it is 1 a.m. in Korea. :)

You definitely did a great job with choosing the music :) It goes perfectly with the illustration..

You should have been sleeping then ;) I guess now it's around midnight :) here it's 4 PM