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Today I was in the mood for a quick sketch and this is what came out. I only had a few brushes with ink and a liner. I had almost forgotten how fun it is to sketch. Can you guess who it is?


After that, I went to photoshop to resize the photo and save it for this post, and when I dragged the image over it was huge, but the randomness that resulted was beautiful, so I played around a little more with scaling and rotation and got some very cool compositions.










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Hi @demostene,
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Hope you like it!
Dr. TLK :D

You are welcome :)

Slash from guns n roses.
I'm happy seeing you playing with colors. Great job!

thank you @adrianv! You guessed it:D


This is a great sketch, what a great job, and way original in your portrayal of Slash!

Ooh, I didn't know you're so talented at drawing:)
Great job!

I actually feel like I lost my touch a bit, need to practice a bit more :))

Very cool... I knew that figure! :D But since someone already guessed it.... Unmistakable... Especially from the title! ;) Anyway, the cut-up pieces are great too! :)

You're most welcome, @demostene :)

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Woow @danielsaori Thank you very much! I didn't expect this

You are welcome!
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Thats the relaxation art, amazing work, less resources used motivates the simple people too :D

Art is always evolving. I like how this piece evolved from Slash to some awesome abstract compositions. I think as an artist, a person needs to realize that the art they are creating will evolve and possibly become something they had no intention of it being.
Keep evolving! Great stuff.

Thank you for the comment @doctorcrypto Exactly!

This piece has so much life! Love the colors and the freedom I feel from this skillful piece. Nice going man!

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Can you guess who it is?

Apart from the second picture, I couldn't get any hints from other pictures. My guess is that it is Bruno Mars.

Image source

Good try @littleboy, it's Slash from Guns n'roses :) I think Bruno might have borrowed that hat:))

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I never used photoshop but I like the way it ended up its nice to see the close up almost macro view of your image nice artwork

I'm not really an artist but I really love d combinations of colours u displayed here. It looks like all those lovely portrait that is always displayed in an expensive auction for the highest bidder. I know it must have taken u days to come up with this work. It is really a master piece.

Although I cannot guess who it is, both the sketch and the various closeups are intriguing.

I especially like the use of primary colors with the blue as the color of the subject. Choosing the last to be seen color for the focus of the work lets the eye take in the whole of the picture instead of just the rockstar.

The mixture of warm and cold tones fits very well for Guns n Roses as well.