Commissioned my First Crypto Painting

in #art2 years ago

So I have a friend who enjoys painting as a hobby and she let me know if I ever wanted to have anything painted to let her know. Nothing came to mind at the time, but I looked around my apartment the following month and there was nothing crypto related on the wall. That had to change, so I took her up on the offer, bought her the supplies and she went to work. I gave her a rough outline on what I envisioned, but she did the rest. It turned out really great!
crypto painting 4.jpg

I picked a basket of the most popular cryptos (not my favorite cryptos), otherwise Steem and EOS would be on there.

crypto painting 2.jpg

I really appreciated the detail in the circuit board part of the painting, that must have been painstaking and taken quite awhile

crypt painting 1.jpg

And then it is brought all together with the blockchain graphic on top. She did a really excellent job and although she said I didn't owe her, I still gave her $40 because I was so satisfied with the piece.

And yes that is my actual Bitcoin address at the if you're feeling generous... Actually on the one in a million chance someone does send Bitcoin there, I will have my friend download a wallet and send that Bitcoin to her. Introduce her to the revolution and great community.

Definitely won't be my last crypto piece!