Influential version of Man of Steel in DC's Very Merry Multiverse

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This character first appeared on Earth 23. There he fought Superdoom. President Superman also participated in the rescue of the Multiverse.
After 1 year, this character teamed up with other alternate Supermen to destroy a threat that was located outside the Multiverse.
A few years later, Superman learned of the destruction of the Source Wall and met the Terrifics.
President Ellis later learned of the awakened creator of the Multiverse, who was accidentally freed by the Justice League of Earth 0, and prevented another crisis.
A few days later, he met Flash of Earth 0.

Today I will tell you what happened to the main character before Death Metal (Multiverse's end, Rise of the New God and 1).
The action takes place on Earth 23, where there has never been a New Year holiday. Kalel decides to create a two-day holiday called "Christmas". First day traditions include:

  • creating sweets filled with all negative emotions of a person;
  • creating large capsules full of such candies from all over the world;
  • binding these capsules to the back of each person so that they feel all the pain of others;
  • forced exchange of these capsules with their interlocutors.

On the second day, emotions return back to their owners.
The capsules are created by Calvin, Shazam (Darla Dudley) (23) and Green Lantern II (23).

During the holiday, Ellis is attacked by Bizarro (23). The fight is interrupted by a girl named Astrid. She hands the last capsule. Due to the fact that the sweets had a positive effect on Bizarro and he calmed down, the holiday was not disrupted.

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