Live Ben Parker and teenager Peter in Spidergeddon part 2

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(As soon as the first part comes out, I will immediately write about it in the next post. I say in advance: "Do not be surprised!" Good luck!)
Now I will tell you about what happened next with Spider-Ben and Petey. Actions continued on the original Earth 616 in an unknown location. Miles presented his team of spiders, which included:

  • Miles Morales

  • Spider-ham

  • Spiderman (18119) and Spinneret

  • Spider-Ben and Petey

  • Spiderman Mecha

  • Spider-Girls (protecting Earth 18119)
    The action continued on the original Earth 616 in the New Jackal building (Ben Reilly). Miles was about to blow up the building, but Bora was bothering him. A fight ensues, during which Jennix tries to eat Petey. Fortunately, in a second, Spider-Slayers rush into the building. The Morales team is saved by diverting the Heirs to themselves:

  • Spider-punk

  • Spiderman PS4

  • Web-Slinger

  • Spider-swarm
    The Miles team escapes into a Leopardon costume and flies away on Leopardon's shuttle. During the flight, Spinneret encourages Petey.
    Actions continued on Earth 13, on which Captain Universe died (Spiderman (Peter Parker)), as well as inside the Leopardon costume. Spiders learn that the Heirs were able to revive Solus. Octavius ​​regrets that at the moment there is no Scarlet Spider (Kain Parker) with them, who has the power of the Other. Norman says that for him, Spiderman is cannon fodder and he needs even more spiders. Also, Norman says that without Kain, they are gone. Norman didn’t like the idea of ​​Octavius ​​about the power of the Captain of the Universe. Superior said Parker (18119) was right about Spider-Norman. Peter (18119) was astonished by this. Octavius ​​told Norman to get out of this earth. Ozborn, in response, said that the rest of Spider-Mans would not listen to Octavius ​​as leader. After that, Octavius ​​was supported by all spiders and Octavia Otto, except for Spider-Swarm. After that, Norman and Spider-swarm teleport to Earth 0. PS4 offers to immediately come up with a plan to destroy all the Heirs. Octavius ​​says that Solus can destroy the sword of Leopardon. Morales offers Leopardon to kill Solus at the very last moment. Leopardon agrees. The team of Spidermen offers to recruit someone else. Octavius ​​permits. After a while, the team learns that the "web of fate" was destroyed. Octavius ​​finds out that Spider-Norman and Spider-swarm did it. After a while, Ben and Superior run away. Petey, after that, got scared even more. Immediately after this, the power of the Captain of the Universe is associated with the spiders.
    To be continued...
    Hope you appreciate it.

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